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Wild Bill Elliott would always be known as the 'peaceable man' --- for that, and for the way he carried his two pistols, butts forward in their holsters.   But Wild Bill Elliott could never stay peaceable, and those six-guns fired their way through B-western movie series at Columbia, Republic and Monogram/Allied Artists before he finally retired from the movies.
n 1938, Elliott played Wild Bill Hickok in the 15-chapter serial, THE GREAT ADVENTURES OF WILD BILL HICKOK.  He then became known as Wild Bill Elliott.

In 1943, Elliott moved to Republic which is where he made probably his best pictures and where he would eventually be elevated to A-budget features.

In 1944, Elliott's new Republic series was as Fred Harman's comic-strip cowboy, Red Ryder.  Elliott made sixteen movies Red Ryder movies extending into 1946.

In 1946, Bill Elliot began being billed as William instead of Wild Bill.   He was moved up to top western features (some of them A-westerns).

Elliott's B-westerns always seemed a cut above the average, from Wild Bill Hickok to Red Ryder, and his A's were tops in practically everyone's western lists.


Bill Elliot made his first comics appearance in Dell publishing's Four Color anthology series with #278 (May 1950). The issue features him on the cover in a bright red shirt, gun drawn, and there is a photo back cover as well. For some reason the title just says 'Bill Elliott'.
As a separate series, Wild Bill Elliott #2 appeared a few months later (November 1950) and ran through #17 (June 1955). Every issue had a photo cover and numbers 2-10 have photo back covers as well. #2 shows Wild Bill on Thunder, dressed as Red Ryder.
In the midst of this modest run, Wild Bill appeared twice more in the Four Color series, both with photo covers front and back.


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1.  Wild Bill Elliot Four Color # 278





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