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Western Comics Part 7

Monte Hale Comics


Monte Hale  (1919 – 2009) was a Country singer and movie actor of B-Western films. Starting to sing and play the guitar at an early age, Monte started playing in cities of Texas as well in Vaudeville and local rodeo shows. Hale then got a job during World War II as a replacement guitarist with the Stars Over Texas Bond Drive. He had joined with several Republic Pictures celebrities and staff. Soon, Hale starred in his first major role in Home on the Range in 1946. Monte had 19 starring movies at Republic Pictures between 1946 and 1950. He was Republic's first B-western star to appear in color pictures, a year before even Roy Rogers began showing up in Trucolor productions.
During his B-Western film run of the early 1950s, Hale started to sing at rodeos and circuses. Hale soon retired from movies and begin to appear at western conventions.

Monte Hale Western Comics began publication with #29, dated October 1948. It was one of the stable of western titles published by Fawcett Publications and had a healthy run through issue #82 dated June 1953.
As with many of the other Fawcett titles, Monte's comic switched to the Charlton Comics Company beginning with #83 dated February 1955. The last issue was #88 dated January 1956. All of the Fawcett issues had photo covers. The Charlton issues had black and white photo back covers instead, although issue 83, at least, features a black and white medallion photo of Monte on the otherwise drawn cover. There were a number of other features in Monte's comic, including Gabby Hayes in issues 34 through 80 and 83 through 86. Slim Pickens was in issue #53.

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