Johnny Mack Brown


Johnny Mack Brown was an All-American running back on the University of Alabama football team, and scored two of their three touchdowns in a winning effort against the favored Washington Huskies in the 1926 Rose Bowl. 

For his All-American exploits on the football field, Brown was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1957, and the Rose Bowl Hall Of Fame in 2001. 

After graduation, he tried his hand at coaching for a short time.  He went to Hollywood and began doing bit parts around 1927 in silents.  A good looking gent, Brown became a fairly successful leading man at MGM for nearly five years, appearing opposite such famous actresses as Mary Pickford, Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford.  Brown's first major cowboy role was portraying the titled gunslinger in MGM's BILLY THE KID (1930), which was directed by King Vidor, and included Wallace Beery as Sheriff Pat Garrett.

Johnny Mack Brown made about 165 films during a Hollywood career that spanned about 25 years.


Johnny Mack Brown's first comic book appearance coincided with Tim McCoy's last appearance in Tim McCoy Western Movie Stories #21, dated August 1949 and published by Charlton Comics.  According to Bob Overstreet's Comic Book Price Guide, Johnny's own series began in March 1950 as part of Dell Publishing's Four Coloranthology series, and continued until February 1959.  There were a total of 22 issues in that period, all with photo covers (at least some had photo back covers as well).

Johnny also appeared in the first 21 issues of the Dell Giant Series Western Roundupbeginning in June 1952 which featured Johnny along with Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Wild Bill Elliott and Rex Allen.  The first 9 covers are illustrated in Ernst and Mary Gerber's wonderful Photo-Journal Guide to Comic Books


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