Tim McCoy


Like most of the silent cowboy stars who made the transition to sound (Tom Mix is the great exception), Tim McCoy had a short comic book career.  This is partly due to the timeframe involved, as comics didn't really hit their stride until the end of the 30s, some years after McCoy's generation of cowboy stars had peaked. 

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From Archive.Org: 

1.  Tim McCoy - On the Tomahawk Trail -Big Little Book (1937) 15 Chapters

Written by Gaylord Dubois

Illustrated by Robert R. Weisman 



2.  Tim McCoy - Code of the Rangers





3. Tim McCoy - West of Rainbow End





4.  Tim McCoy - Two Gun Justice



5.  Tim McCoy Comics # 16

6.  Tim McCoy Comics # 17

7.  Tim McCoy Comics # 19

8.  Tim McCoy Comics # 18

9.  Tim McCoy Comics # 20

10.  Tim McCoy # 21


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