Bobby Benson and his B-Bar-B Riders



This is what was heard on the Radio.  "Here they come! They're riding fast and they're riding hard! It's time for action and adventure in the modern West with BOBBY BENSON AND THE B-BAR-B RIDERS! And out in front, astride his golden palomino Amigo, it's the cowboy kid himself, Bobby Benson!"

Created by Herb Rice, Bobby Benson followed such serials as Jack Armstrong. The later series used character, Tex Mason--the adult sleuth who put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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From Digital Comic Museum:                 

1.  Bobby Benson # 8





2.  Bobby Benson # 6






3.  Bobby Benson # 07





4. Bobby Benson # 14





5.  Bobby Benson # 15





6.  Bobby Benson # 16





7.  Bobby Benson # 17





8.  Bobby Benson # 18


11Bobby Benson # 19



12.  Bobby Benson # 20


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