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Whip Wilson Comics

Whip Wilson Comics

Whip Wilson (born Roland Charles Meyers 1911 - 1964) was an American cowboy film star of the late 1940s and into the 1950s, known for his roles in B-westerns.
Wilson had been a moderately successful singer before coming to Hollywood. Monogram Pictures had been searching for someone to replace Buck Jones. Producer Scott R. Dunlap saw Meyers, and thought he looked similar to Jones. This, apparently, was enough to build him into a cowboy star. Because of the fame being generated by Lash LaRue, who used a bullwhip in his movies, Monogram decided to make Meyers a similar whip-wielding character, rechristening him "Whip Wilson."
When he first moved to Hollywood to pursue an acting career, producers built him up with a lot of press, but it would not be enough to take him to the height of major stardom. He did star in 22 B-westerns, more than Lash LaRue, Sunset Carson, Monte Hale, Rex Allen, or Eddie Dean.

A Whip Wilson comic book series was published by Marvel Comics.   Whip Wilson Comics only lasted three issues, # 9, 10, 11.  See All 3 Issues below.
Oddly, Whip Wilson and Reno Browne (see below) were the only movie cowboy stars for which Marvel paid to attain licensing rights for use of their likeness and to publish their comics. By this time, Dell had locked up Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Rex Allen, Buck Jones, Wild Bill Elliot, and Johnny Mack Brown, etc.;  Fawcett had Hopalong Cassidy, Lash LaRue, Rocky Lane, Monte Hale, etc.  ME had Tim Holt and Durango Kid, etc.; and the rest of the B Western cowboys were spread thinly among other comic publishers. 
In 1958 I W Enterprises printed Whip Wilson Comic # 01  See Issue below

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Reno Browne Comics

Reno Browne, sometimes billed as Reno Blair (1921 – 1991) was an accomplished equestrian and B-movie actress during the late 1940s and into the 1950s, with most of her films being in 1949.
Born Josephine Ruth Clarke in Reno, Nevada to wealthy parents, her father being a successful attorney, Browne first became a licensed pilot, and proficient at riding horses. After taking drama lessons, she embarked on a film career, signing a contract with Monogram Pictures. She starred with Whip Wilson in the 1949 western Haunted Trails, and that same year started a thirteen-episode radio show titled Reno Rides Again. Also in 1949 she starred in West of El Dorado with Max Terhune and Johnny Mack Brown. In total, she starred in 14 westerns of the period, at times with Roy Rogers and Jimmy Wakely.  Reno Brown later married Lash LaRue and were later divorced.

Reno Brown and Dale Evans were the only western heroines to have their own comic books based on their characters.  Reno Browne Comics were published in 1950 by Marvel Comics. The comics were titled  “Hollywood's Greatest Cowgirl” and ran during 1950 for 3 issues.  See Issue # 50, 51, and 52 below.


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