Site Offline Temporarily... is currently - finally! - undergoing a serious revamp...

It's been a long time since I updated this site - 2012 in fact! Though it still seems to receive a steady trickle of visitors from an astonishingly wide geographic spread of countries, it seems pretty much the entire planet is interested in Arma and modding! A fine recommendation there for the game which has kept us all absorbed and involved through 4 different iterations and across an 11 year+ lifespan.

Many of my Arma modder friends literally grew up while playing and modding these games, and in more than a couple of cases, have gone on to become professional game designers and artists for both Bohemia and for its professional military training offshoot company Bohemia Interactive Simulations.

In fact, BI Sim itself was originally formed

It's maybe not a coincidence that my site updating stopped abruptly in 2012 since that was when

I'm as happy as a dog with two tails