Scotland : LFA14

Scotland: Low Flying Area Fourteen is a virtual environment designed exclusively for use with the Bohemia Interactive Military Simulator - ArmA II.
Derived largely from realworld satellite imagery, elevation data and close-up photography, LFA14 features an authentic selection of Scottish vegetation and ground cover in late summer tones, plus an extensive range of both unique and custom textured objects and models.
Q. What size is it then?
A. Approx 200x200km of realworld terrain scaled to 20x20km.
Q. That's quite heavy scaling compared to some terrains!
A. Yeah - occasionally I worry about that... Think of it as a "theme park" terrain - some "notable landmarks" will be represented, but actual details of individual locations will be "impressionistic" at best.
Q. So it actually is Scotland then?
A. Well, sortof... its a representation of (most of) the area designated as Low Flying Area Fourteen by the UK Ministry of Defence. Basically the northwest 1/6th of Scotland - the full-on "Highlands" part.
Q. How come all the shops are closed in the middle of a weekday afternoon?
A. A necessary compromise - modelling proper shop interiors is a bit beyond my current skills, and I don't want to get sidetracked from finishing the basic terrain - so they'll remain just shop fronts for now...
As compensation, most of the actual houses are enterable, and have new textures too!

Q. Ambient Trawlers, you say?
A. Indeed! Several enormously talented people have kindly granted permission for me to incorporate some of their models, Colonel Klink's beautiful inshore fishing boats being the most notable, of course.
Other superb customised models currently include walls, churches and a bothy by Beton, and Pathetic Berzerker's stadium lighting is now installed at Caledonian Thistle FC.
Q. When's it gonna be finished?
A. When it's done! - Current estimate is sometime in 2012, though it may well take longer. Or I might release an early beta - we'll see how it goes.
Q. Is there really a Monster in Loch Ness?
A. So they say - though I've never seen it myself... though sometimes, late at night, down by the lochside - when you're alone - you hear things...

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