Afghan Valley, Ghor Province

5.12km x 5.12km Terrain
5m Ground Resolution

This synthetic terrain represents a small eroded valley in central Ghor Province, Afghanistan.

Heightmap - 2D

Heightmap - 3D

Ghor Province occupies the end of the Hindu Kush mountains. It is 2,500m above sea level and heavy snowfalls often block many of its rugged passes from November to April. It is also a drought-prone area in the summer.
In this simulated terrain, continual ground rock freeze/melt cycles combined with annual snow melt has caused classic Sheet erosion, bringing surface material down from the hillslopes into the valley below - leaving characteristic exposed bedrock ridges above...
Additionally, further Rill erosion is evident along the central valley floor - the result of spring snow melt runoff streams.


Afghan Valley, Ghor Province v0.1
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