Geotypical Heightmaps Pack

Here's a selection of 8 different heightmaps I made recently... I've given them each a name which reflects the sort of terrain I was vaguely thinking about at the time... that doesn't mean you couldn't dress them entirely differently and get an equally good result! Use your imagination!

All terrains are 1024x1024 cells with 5m spacing = 5.1km x 5.1km Final Landscape, though of course you can change that too if you like, though at this size they match the demo microterrain files perfectly...
They're all basically variations on the small valleys/hills theme, with varying types of erosion.. lots of small scale detail and variations which show well on the 5m terrain grid...
Don't be fooled by the screenshots scale - 5km across looks pretty big in-game, and those hills are a lot higher than you'd think... but still room enough to create a good few small settlements and points of interest around the place...
Make Mask and Sat layers, decide on some Ground Texture Sets, add your own Clutter Mix - and you really DO have a unique terrain of your own...

I've listed default Altitude Ranges below each - this gives you an idea of the "tallest hill on the map" basically, though remember - you can scale heights easily - just change the max & min values in the .pbl file... Scaling those 300m+ "afghan mountains" to 80m small hills might produce a completely different "rolling english countryside" effect, for example...

Afghan 01

Altitude Range = 250.98m

Afghan 02

Altitude Range = 314.67m

Afghan 03

Altitude Range = 318.09m

Desert or Snow?

Incise & Flow

Altitude Range = 302.38m

Snakeback Ridge

Altitude Range = 535.97m

Snow or Moorland? 01

Altitude Range = 175.55m

Snow or Moorland? 02

Altitude Range = 205.06m

All terrains are supplied in 16bit Greyscale .png format with matching .pbl file


Bush's Geotypical Heightmaps Pack #1