Work with us to Start Your Own Healthy, Eco Business

Apprenticeship available. We promote "Healthy Permaculture Systems of Living & Working" by supporting individuals in business with these principles. We can provide Training, Capital, & Ideas for starting your business that have high potential, Fast Growth possible with Healthy work methods.

Natural Organic Edible XeriScaping. NO PESTICIDES, NO HERBICIDES, NO CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS AND NO GAS POWERED MACHINES using eco transport. For those who want to get hot and dirty working the earth to grow food. This business needs no money to start. Work with our Co-Op to provide local organic food grown in our garden beds, with delivery on bikes. We have many organic beds that can be developed if you enjoy gardening.

Organic Pest Control. Use "Exclusionary method" instead of spraying poison inside you home & Tenting for termites using no chemical pesticides like Vikane, only heat. Works well and hugely less toxic than the Vikane Gas used to poison the termites out. We just bake them out! Hoorah! It works! Heat kills mold in house as well. I will buy the tents & materials. You help me use them on my houses & we will make agreements for you to be able to own them in exchange for labor.

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse Organizer Needed, - This business could take over poorly run city garbage collection & do it far more efficiently as Well as provide the best recycle program in FL. Learn Permaculture to understand how this would work to help us all.

Assistant Helpful person that can get it done.

AquaCulture / AlgaCulture Space available.

Rabbit Raising Space available.

Vermiculture specialist

Edible mushroom specialist needs someone to start this business using only edible cleaning products. Clean homes & business's & assure customers that all cleaning materials are edible & non toxic. Means a cleaner healthier inside of building & people.

Eco & Healthy Camp spaces & RV sites Club Travel more enjoyable than present options of camping where pesticides & unhealthy methods proliferate. There would be Organic gardens at each site and lots of edible landscaping. Rocket stoves instead of inefficient ground fires so not to smoke out neighbors. Done in a co-op manner so people may camp at low or no cost in a healthier nicer way. Nudity is up to owners of land or camp spaces & laws.

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Organic Urban Farmer.Org CoOp

Contact me about your unique talent or Dharma & what you would like to do to work with us along with full contact info.

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Business Hours; Mon - Fri 10-4 by appointment only.

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