Sorry, No vacancies...

Deposit and Move in Costs:

Security Deposit starts at one months rent with excellent credit & rental history on units without utilities included. On some units with utilities included Deposit starts a little over one months rent. Worse credit can be up to 3 months rent as security.

Three Rules;

1. Pay the Rent on time- No Excuses.

2. Don’t bother the neighbors. For the most part this means don’t wake them up, since sleep is most important for good health and we focus on good health. Of course get to know your neighbors as well, friendship is healthy.

3. Take care of the place. For example -Pick up trash, Keep it clean and treat the property with respect etc...

Pet policy: Email with what you have as it varies with each property.

We can hold your unit for you with a reasonable down payment for up to a week gratis usually.