Police & Code Enforcement Do Not have to be Oppressive to be effective.

  • The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission to authority.
    • Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View (1974), ch. 1: The Dilemma of Obedience

City "zoning" kills creativity-

Police & Gov't leaders need to Stop Creating Criminals with excessive laws, prejudices & assumptions about people. Instead help them with problems & enjoy their differences. Listen to understand situations then calmly move to solution. Stop antagonizing & Provoking people with prejudice attitudes. Police should not insult citizens nor call them derogatory names like Stupid, Dumb and others as they are known to do here. When a citizen asks a question and police can't answer that question with a logical answer then how do they expect the citizen to do any different. We don't need oppressive police tactics!

Install cameras on Pinellas Trail to record crime for better prosecution. It would save money trying to solve crimes that happen. This will make for a safer trail.

Reduce spending on Gulfport Police Dept - it is a Bloated Budget focused too much on things instead of the people. Police should walk or bike the neighborhood & practice community policing by getting to know us instead of just racing around in their new cars bullying people.

Hiring more Code enforcement along with giving them more power to Police & Bully us will only create enemies against the city. Mowing is polluting, noisy & damaging to habitat for wildlife. It discourages Xeriscaping which saves water & our environment for our health. It is anti Gulfport for govt bullies to tell us to mow and conform to the unhealthy standard that is today's toxic yard. A natural garden yard is a much healthier environment for us.

Repeal city mowing ordinance & get rid of penalizing code enforcement. City Codes that ban a persons connection to nature when they are not hurting others is against our Constitutional, Biblical & Natural rights!

Being forced by codes that all homes & yards should be chemlawns and standard non creative homes is oppressive. Trying to balance the city budget by penalizing people for being different is intolerant. Why should anyone be offended at natural yards or an adobe house? They are both beautiful & do less harm than conventional methods. The flowers & any plant that are given to us should be enjoyed, not punished.