Paradigm shift from Fireworks

Why Celebrate our country by Polluting?

Alternatives to Fireworks: Have a picnic under the stars or enjoy the natural rainstorm with lightening (natural fireworks), plant a tree or garden, go for a long walk with a friend or play tennis or some other healthy sport or be creative, if its to celebrate the independence of your nation then think of whats best for your nations health.

Take a Stand Against Fireworks

  • Write, call, or meet your local or state officials and tell them your concerns regarding outdoor air pollution and noise pollution from fireworks.
  • The Clean Air Act permits state and local governments to enact laws relating to the prevention and control of outdoor air pollution.
  • Boycott outdoor fireworks displays and educate others on the pollution dangers from fireworks.

Toxic Element
Firework Usage Toxic Effect of Fallout Dust Fumes


brilliant whites

Contact dermatitis, bioaccumulation

Antimony sulfide

glitter effects

Toxic smoke

Barium Nitrate

glittering greens

Poisonous. Fumes can irritate respiratory tract

Copper compounds


Polychlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans. Can bio accumulate. Cancer risk.

Lead Dioxide / Nitrate /Chloride oxidizer

Bioaccumulation, developmental danger for kids & unborn babes, may remain airborne for days, poisonous to plants and animals.


compounds blazing reds

Toxic and irritating fumes when burned

Mercury (Mercurous chloride)

chlorine donor

Toxic heavy metal. Can bioaccumulate.

Nitric oxide

fireworks byproduct

Toxic by inhalation. Is a free radical

Nitrogen dioxide

fireworks byproduct

[6] Highly toxic by inhalation. SIDS risk [8].


fireworks byproduct

[7] Greenhouse gas that attacks & irritates lungs.

Ammonium & Potassium

propellant / oxidizer

Can contaminate ground surface & waters, cause thyroid problems in humans & animals

Potassium Nitrate

black powder

Toxic dusts, carcinogenic sulfur-coal compounds

Strontium compounds

blazing reds

Can replace calcium in body. Strontium chloride is slightly toxic.

Sulfur Dioxide

gaseous byproduct

Acid rain from sulphuric acid affects water sources, vegetation & causes property damage. SIDS risk [8].

See Natures fireworks of falling stars, lightning & constellations of stars from a clear view to the sky by reducing  Light and Air pollution.