Healthy Buildings

Your home can help your health or take it away. Its your choice.

A/C systems are a major source of mold that causes respiratory & skin infections along with many other problems. We use window a/c so we can pull them and clean them properly. Most Central air cannot be cleaned properly because of limited access from careless design. Even business that specialize in cleaning a/c systems often do a poor job cleaning and overcharge for it.

Carpets that cannot be machine washed weekly = Mold, dust, mites & fleas

PVC is toxic in manufacture & out gassing so limit its use as much as possible. One way is to avoid all unnecessary uses of PVC such as fencing, vinyl flooring, shower curtains, vinyl siding . Use wood or metal instead or best to use Bamboo you have grown and harvested or other fallen branches or hedges for natural growing fence. Bougainvillea is protective & beautiful natural fence.

Vinyl flooring is toxic so we try to use Cork Flooring, Wood, Tile, Paper mache or Low voc floor paint with design if you like then cover with poly to protect it.

Did you know Florida law forces builders to inject poison into soil now whether needed or not. Stop forcing builders to inject poison in soil to treat pests that are not there. They say its safe but proof its not keeps showing up, years later.

Vinyl Shower curtains are toxic; some non toxic Alternatives, a flat sheet works nicely with buttons. Only a few bucks and you can wash in the machine. Cloth works great and looks nice.

Removing Toxins: Many people's first instinct is to buy something to cure yourself. Yet its often the opposite that helps, its more important to remove toxic items from your home & environment that you don't need. We need to take the chemical cleaners, pesticides, excess mold, carpet, air sprays, deodorants that contain aluminum, bug sprays like raid, & other pollutants out of our environment inside and learn how to do it healthy.

Allow "Irrigation Sinks" which is just a sink that drains to garden for irrigation with a sign over sink to remind users that it is an "Irrigation Sink, No Toxics, Drains to Gardens" There is no need for complicated expensive cleaning of water for garden when one is careful with what is put on hands and in sink. If it good enough for your skin its generally ok in garden. city codes prohibit this so they need education on this.

INSTEAD OF SPRAYING CHEMICAL PESTICIDES FOR A BUG PROBLEM; Bug Seal your house against Termites, Roaches, Ants, mice, rats, bats and other unwanted visitors.

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