Healthy Sinus

For Educational Purposes Only - I am not a licensed Physician.

I spent decades fighting sinusitis and sinus infections with western methods like antibiotics until I learned an old Yogi tradition of sinus cleansing. The salt water kills bacteria and cleans out the dirt and muck that prevents you from breathing well & having a healthy sinus.

Sinus Rinse Bottle like a neilmed bottle is the best tool to cleanse sinuses but you need to clean it every time before use or it smells of plastic. You don't need to use their expensive salt solution either, your favorite salt works fine. 1/2 teaspoon to cup of body temp distilled water or more to cup to kill sinus infections starting or at onset of cold do it 3xs a day when getting sick or on once daily prevention.

Check out YouTube for video. Use as directed tho

Important to pay attention to:

Too much salt or undissolved salt will dry sinus, so be careful to balance salt with water and mix well.

Temperature should be slightly warmer or same as body temperature as cold or hot could hurt.

Your sense of smell will increase as you clean out the sinus :)

Don't bother with the bottles of nose spray in drug stores they are worthless for real cleansing. They are only good for moistening dry sinus not cleansing.

Wash sinus daily. I do it every day especially after being around dust dirt or smoke to clean out.

After cleansing your sinuses give yourself a light sinus massage and maybe a steamy hot towel on your face as a bonus facial sinus cleanse.

Consider also what blocks up sinus's besides dirt and dust. Most common is dairy allergy. Try not eating dairy (cheese, milk or such) for a week and see if it makes a difference. I find it helps me sleep a lot better. In fact I believe dirty and puffy sinus from allergy is a major cause of sleep apnea in adults.