Brahma Kumari's Articles

BK Pari has written articles which cover a wide range of topics. They relate history because they explain what happened about 2500 years ago. They are also about the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge. Pari's articles are based on her guidance from God (through visions and experiences during the blissful stage).

Pari's articles are also based on the spiritual knowledge given by God through the founder of the Brahma Kumaris. God's messages in the Brahma Kumaris state that the founder of the Brahma Kumaris (Brahma Baba / Dada Lekhraj) is Bhagirath because God entered him to give messages to the Brahma Kumaris. Bhagirath means lucky chariot. Bhagi signifies being lucky or fortunate. Rath means chariot. Thus, the ancient people, at the beginning of the Copper Age/Dwarpuryug, had sometimes equated Bhagirath to 'God using Brahma Baba'. In the scripture stories, Bhagirath is shown as leading Ganga because, at the End of the cycle, it is the spiritual knowledge given through Brahma Baba which guides those who play the role of Ganga. In the Hindu scriptures, Ganga is shown as being guided by Bhagirath for liberation. It should be noted that souls receive liberation at the end of each Cycle (through the Confluence Age).

What BK Pari explains about the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris is the Truth. What she explains about the ancient times and ancient practices is based on memories (from past births of that time) and based on God's guidance.