What's in the shop this week?


posted Nov 20, 2017, 2:04 PM by Scott Bixby

As fall marches on toward winter, things have really slowed down in the shop. That leaves me with plenty of time to install an eleven speed drivetrain on my fatbike! The ten speed I was using had some aftermarket parts in the cassette and derailleur to increase the range. It did what it was supposed to but I was never very happy with the shift quality. I'm very happy with this Shimano SLX set up. The shifter has a very light feel and the shifts are snappy and crisp. Just waiting on some frozen ground and snow now.

October 23, 2017

posted Oct 23, 2017, 6:20 PM by Scott Bixby

My personal bike got a new rear tire this week. I've been riding Maxxis Minion SS since spring. It rolls really well but has those big Maxxis side knobs that I love for digging into the trail. Unfortunately, as the fall leaves piled up on the trail, the semi-slick center section had me sliding all over.

I swapped to a Maxxis Shorty, with it's bigger, spike style knobs. I rode it today and it definitely cuts through the leaves better and the spikes do a great job digging into the occasional muddy spot on the trail.

I have to say, at this point in my life, its Maxxis or.......Maxxis when it comes to mountain bike tires. 

October 2017

posted Oct 11, 2017, 5:49 PM by Scott Bixby

Fatbike season is rapidly approaching. If you ride Rockshox Bluto on your fatty, might I suggest some pre-season service? This particular fork has low miles but was already showing some stanchion wear and it had some water in the lowers. 

Rockshox should have built the Bluto on a 35mm chassis. The 32mm chassis is easily overwhelmed by the loads generated by fat tires and wheels. To keep them working smoothly and prolong their service life, I highly recommend shortening the Rockshox service intervals.

Most are predicting a snowy winter. I have mixed feelings about that as I'm not a fan of winter. As a fatbike owner though, the last two winters have been mostly disappointing.

May 6, 2017

posted May 6, 2017, 6:14 AM by Scott Bixby

I fix A LOT of Roadmaster and Next so it's cool when something like this Cannondale Scalpel comes in. I will say that the dual travel setup on this bike is quite complicated. I had to do some research. And I also learned that my current shock pump with it's 300 psi limit is inadequate as this shock required 330 psi based on the owners weight!

Thank you notes are nice, especially when they have cash in them! I'm still waiting for the "nice riding weather" that Carolyn mentioned :(

April 26, 2017

posted Apr 26, 2017, 6:11 AM by Scott Bixby

I've not done a good job updating this page. I promise to try harder in 2017!

So spring is in full swing and people want their bikes fixed. I picked up a couple more local police agencies so I've been out doing mobile service. And I've been trying to stay on top of bikes in the shop. It seems like I fix a couple and three more come in. That's a good thing! Have a safe 2017 riding season!

Morizumi Spoke Cutting and Threading

posted Jun 27, 2015, 9:24 PM by Scott Bixby

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's nothing better than fine tools! Blueline Bicycle Repair is now offering custom length spoke cutting and thread rolling thanks to the Wheel Fanatyk SCT Machine, also known as a Morizumi. This machine will allow me to better utilize my current spoke inventory and reduce the lead time for custom wheel builds and repairs.

I've had a chance to cut and thread a few spokes and I'm thoroughly impressed with the ease of the process and the finished product.

My first official "job" involved cutting spokes for a rear Surly Rabbit Hole wheel that I built earlier this year. The customer had a stick kick up into the wheel, bending two spokes. Previously, I would have had to order more spokes but with the Morizumi, I pulled longer spokes from my inventory, cut them to length and rolled the threads and got the customer rolling much quicker.

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