About Blueline Bicycle Repair

My name is Scott Bixby and I opened Blueline Bicycle Repair in November of 2010.

While I enjoy building/repairing/maintaining all types of bicycles, mountain bikes take up the most space in my shop.

My business plan for Blueline does include retail space. With the closing of Shifting Gears in 2008, there is no bike shop in Lockport so there is a definite need. As I build my customer base, I have some retail spots in mind in Lockport. The challenge is finding the right spot and getting the timing right.

Hand Built Wheels

Please contact me to discuss upgrading your current wheels to custom, hand built wheels. With the myriad of options available for your custom wheels, it's impossible to list prices. I will work very hard to beat even the most cutthroat prices of the large, impersonal internet retailers. My wheel build fee is $60 and every bicycle wheel I build receives the same attention to detail that I put into wheels I build for my personal use.

I have a Morizumi Spoke Cutting and Threading Tool in my shop and many types of blank spokes so there's never a lead time for the correct length spokes.

I consider myself to be an expert mountain biker and I only ride on wheels that I build. I'm constantly testing new products and verifying the durability of my hand built bicycle wheels. I'm so confident in the quality of my hand built wheels that I guarantee you will never break a spoke. As long as the wheel is not damaged in a crash, broken spoke replacement is FREE as long as you own the wheel.

Contact Information

Contact me via cell phone at 716-990-0481.

You can also contact me via email at scott@bluelinebicyclerepair.com. I will respond to your email very quickly.

Service and Repair Pricing

My labor rate is $36 per hour. I don't define service into categories such as "tune-up" or "major tune-up/overhaul". If your bike needs the chain cleaned and a cable tension tension adjustment and it takes me thirty minutes, you pay $18.

Mobile service available in case you don't want the hassle of hauling your bike somewhere. As long as you have someplace out of the cold/wind/snow, I'll bring the tools and parts to you. I'm fully insured and many of my municipal customers prefer me to perform service at their site. Mobile service calls are $36 and include thirty minutes of labor.

If you aren't in a hurry or don't have a sheltered work area, pickup and delivery is free within fifteen miles of my shop.