Calculating spoke lengths for an offset Pugsley Fat bike wheel

Post date: Nov 28, 2013 3:55:51 AM

This table of correction factors for calculating fat bike wheel spoke lengths is published by Quality Bicycle Products. The complete table covers many of the QBP house brand frames but I only included the Pugsley numbers. As a practical example, here is how I calculated the spoke lengths for my offset Pugsley rear wheel with Shimano Zee hub and Surly Marge Lite rim.

Shimano Zee 10mm x135mm

[A] Left flange diameter 44.5mm

[B] Right flange diameter 45.5mm

[C] Left center-to-flange 33.5mm. Corrected per chart 28.5mm (33.5mm-5mm=28.5mm)

[D] Right center-to-flange 20.5mm. Corrected per chart 25.5mm (20.5mm+5mm=25.5mm)

Surly Marge Lite

Effective rim diameter 544mm. As always, measure your ERD. It’s especially important with these fat bike rims as I have found them to be "less round" than typical mountain bike rims.

I very carefully transferred these numbers into the spoke calculator at