Dairy Capital Stampede 9/14/14

Post date: Sep 15, 2014 10:40:46 AM

Marc and I headed up to Woodstock, Ontario for the 15th Dairy Capital Stampede hosted by the Woodstock Cycling Club. They lease a riding area known as "The Pines" that is closed to the public except for this race. This may be my favorite six hour venue in this area. The soil is a gritty, sandy mix providing incredible traction and the course is filled with berms and other fun features. It's also very flat so I figured it would be a good place to get his first six hour race experience.

I started the race and did two laps and then tagged off to him. I made sure to be in the transition area each time he came through but he did great, plugging along and finishing five laps.

Some days are great on the bike and others, not so much. Today was a great day. It was pleasantly cool and I was top three or better in the two man class on each of my laps.

Marc was tired at the end but he raved about the fun factor of the course. He was upset by getting "passed so much" but I told him we were just there to have fun. He was also upset that he had to walk the steep, rooty section each lap but we agreed that riding that section cleanly could be his goal for next year.