Dr. Biplav Srivastava

Professor, AI Institute, University of South Carolina

ACM Distinguished Scientist, AAAI Senior Member, IEEE Senior Member, AAAS Leshner Fellow (2020-21)
Contact: biplav.s AT sc.edu, +1 518 496 0128, @biplav_s (Twitter), LinkedIn

I am a Professor of Computer Science at the AI Institute at University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA. My Google researcher profile and LinkedIn profile round up the basics. A detailed page on my background, recognitions and experience is here.

Research Interests

My research deals with enabling people to make rational decisions despite real world complexities of poor data, changing goals and limited resources by augmenting their cognitive limitations with technology. I am working on:

  • (Fundamentals oriented) Neuro-symbolic methods, that are methods which combine symbolic and neural methods

  • (Usability oriented) Trusted AI, that is how to make AI reliable

  • (Application oriented) Use sensor and open data for better decisions for better living in Smarter Communities (water, power, elections, health)

Call for Collaboration

I am looking for enthusiastic and curious students, particularly at PhD and Post-doc levels, to work on exciting problems in AI with social intelligence. We build novel proof-of-concept systems, and in particular, collaborative assistants, that do work which people want. I am always keen to work with public sector and innovative companies to accelerate technology adoption.

Information Available

Go to background, research (students, papers, patents, tools), teaching, communication (talks, technical blogs, client interactions, professional activities, opinions and research ideas for community) and resume.

Personal Note

I am involved in a privately funded non-governmental organization doing public service in India detailed here.

Visited 27 countries (12%)

Visited 24 states (68.5)