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What is the BioGeomancer Workbench   

What is the BioGeomancer Workbench?



                        The BioGeomancer project has developed different pieces of software. The Workbench is

                        the user interfaces that lets you georeference using an Internet browser. 


                        There are two flavors of the BioGeomancer workbench; the single georeference workbench

                        and the batch workbench.  

                        In the single georeference workbench you can type or paste a locality description. If at least one

                        possible location is found, all possible locations that appear to match the locality description are shown 

                        on the map. They are also listed in the legend. The legend also shows [to be done]

                       You can choose the location that that is appropriate  (by deleting all others); move it around to

                        improve its position; and you can also edit the extent of uncertainty around that point. Finally you can copy 

                        the georeference to the clipboard and paste it into another program. 

                        The batch workbench [to be done]


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