Research Data

1. Exhibit A. Examples of Deed Information from county records

Exhibit A. Examples of deed information from County records’ used to construct map of Bidwell.
The original deeds are hand written most likely with quill pins dipped into containers of ink, 
by recorders with a variety of writing skills. Reading the original documents is a real research challenge!

   Deed Date: 11/10/1853   Recording Date: none stated   Sale Amount: $600   
            Source:  Butte County Recorders Office; Book A, page 168
            Grantor(s):  George W. Brooks, of the Town of Bidwell   
            Grantee(s): E. L. Dickerson & C. H. Stombs
            Property location/description:  Land in the Town of Bidwell, lying on the
             street known as Newcomb Street, and bounded on the north by the lot of
             Wells & Sexton, on the south by the lot of Lewis & Harris, and on the east
             by said Newcomb Street, being Twenty feet on said street & running back
             seventy feet together with all the appurtenances, tenements and .....

   Deed Date: 12/8/1854 Recording Date:12/11/1854     Sale Amount: $100 
            Source:  Butte County Recorders Office; Book A, page 266-267
            Grantor(s):  R. T. Van Norden ,  of the town of Bidwell        
            Grantee(s): George L. Gould
            Property location/description: A certain piece of property in the said town
            county & state and known as the Ferry Office  lot commencing about five feet
            to the south of the south corner of said office and running thence to the
            Feather River to a stump on the upper side of the Ferry Landing, thence up
            said river about one hundred feet to the Frenchman Garden where it strikes
            the said river, thence up said fence to the Garden gate about sixty feet, and
            from thence  direct to the place of beginning, together with all the
            improvements and appurtenances thereto belonging. Said property being
            and fronting on the south side of said river.
            I also sell and convey the lot of ground on the north side of said river, in said
            town, county & state aforesaid that fronts to the foresaid lot known as the
            ground on which one of the abutments of the Old Bidwell Bridge was built in
            1851 by R. L. Van Norden & Co. Said lot commencing at an oak stump at the
            upper site of the Ferry Building on the north side of said river, thence up said
            river following the shore, about one hundred & fifty feet to a Sycamore
            stump at the waters edge, thence back from said river about 200 feet to an
            oak tree of medium size, thence down said river to an oak stump about fifty
            feet from the location  of the old ferry house  in a westerly direction and
            from thence to the river to the  oak stump as the place of beginning.
            Together with all the improvements and appurtenances thereto.
            Research Note: A deed for this same property is recorded on 12/12/1854
            from George L. Gould to  J. E. N. Lewis & R. T. Van Norden.
            Note that Lewis name added on that deed and listed first.
            Price was reasonable, $100 in each exchange (sic)
   Deed Date: 4/23/1855   Recording Date: 4/23/1855   Sale Amount:  $500
           Source:  Butte County Recorders Office; Book A, page 296-297
           Grantor(s): George Lowry of town of Bidwell                 
           Grantee(s): A. J. Burr
           Property location/description:  Sale of one undivided one half of the following
           described property, to wit: The one undivided half of the lot known as Burr’s
           Lot, and the one half of the lot known as the Pratt Exchange lot, being in all
           the half of about forty feet fronting on Union Street in the town of Bidwell,
           lying between Smith’s book Store and Brown & Spears lot.