Stone Buildings

This undated photo (perhaps circa late 1800’s) shows the first two non-wood buildings built in Bidwell after the town destroying fire of August 2, 1854. The single story Gluckauf Store was built of native stone and the Hess-Larcombe two-story building was built of brick. A 1924 photo of the Hess – Larcombe store shows building in advanced decay. The Gluckauf store remained largely intact until it was demolished prior to filling the lake in the late 1960's. Note the open ditch from the river to near the northeast corner of the Gluckauf store. Miners searching for gold dug tunnels under the town of Bidwell all during it's existence. In the years after the town declined the entire area of Bidwell's Bar was heavily mined by a second generation of miners. As shown in the photo the surface of the original townsite is heavily reconfigured. The location of the original ferry crossing is behind the dark tree on the right side of the photo. The road on the north side of river, visible in the top left of the photo, is the route to the Berry Creek area. Photo viewpoint is northwest from about the elevation of the courthouse monument located on the road to the Bidwell Bar Bridge.