Post and Horizontal Rails era.

The photo above shows the bidwell suspension bridge and orange tree monument in place (circa- post 11/27/1926. It appears the Post and Horizontal Rails, was used after the vintage auto era (1915-1919) to the time the bridge was clsoed to vehicle trffic in 1954. Thus the Post and Horizontal Rails method was used during the period of heaviest vechicle through the Bidwell's Bar area and across the suspension bridge.

This group is gathered at the dedication of the "Mother" Orange Tree and Bidwell Suspension Bridge on November 27, 1926. The only members of the group that have been identified are #29 Dr. H. J. Webber( he gave a speach about the orange tree, the three Brooks brothers: #34, Elmont, #38, Jay and #40 Orin Brooks. The lady in the center of the back row is Florence Danforth Boyle. Earl Ward is identied as #44. The dedication monument is visible on the left edge of the photo.
The transition from the Picket Fence style to the second access control by Post and Horizontal Rails, occured sometime before the dedication as evidenced in this photograph.