Published Research

Book One:Town of Bidwell at Bidwell's Bar: Boom to Bust, 1848-1860

The Butte County Historical Society has published a portion of my of research in a special issue publication titled The Town of Bidwell at Bidwell's Bar: Boom to Bust 1848 - 1860.

All funds from the sale of this publication remain with the Butte County Historical Society.

They can be contacted at:

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The book is 8.5 x 11 Inches in size and contains 140+ pages.

Chapter Topic

1. Overview of Bidwell's Bar History

2. What Is The Name Of This Place?

3. AAA Map Of Bidwell, CA (circa 1853 -1856

4. Nuggets from the Bidwell Property Deeds

5. Bidwell's Bar Post Office at Bidwell

6. Community Organizations and Activities

7. The Butte Record Newspaper - A Town's Voice

8. Bidwell's Bar a.k.a. Bidwell Cemetery

9. Bidwell after 1856

10. The National Hotel at Bidwell and John F.

Thompson and C.A. Bancroft Involvement

11 The Pine Knot Mining Company

12. Bliven Wanted To Build the Bidwell's Bar Bridge

13. Crossing The Feather River at Bidwell's Bar 1850 -1860

The publication is indexed and contains many supporting documents, photos and a townsite map of Bidwell.


Book Two: A Short Golden Life ... The Town of Bidwell at Bidwell's Bar 1848 -1860.

This book can be purchased at the Butte County Historical Society Museum or online at by entering the book title: A Short Golden Life or the words Bidwell Bar in the search box.

This 8.5 x 11 inch, 300+ page book contains new original source material, expanding beyond topics covered in the first volume. Detailed source information is provided and the chapter content is indexed for easy reference. A updated map is provided showing many new details. The book contains the following chapters.

Chapter Topic

1 Reports Back Home to Iowa City

2 George W. Hess and His Business Enterprises

3 Randall Hobart's Bidwell Legacy

4 Why A Street Named Newcomb?

5 The Union House at Bidwell

6 Joseph Gluckauf -Businessman/Entrepreneur

7 The Shade Hotel

8 Bidwell's Other Hotel

9 Financing Butte County Government

10 Building the Suspension Bridge at Bidwell's Bar

11 Peoples Ferry

12 A New River - The Feather River and Ophir Ditch

13 Sawmills and River Mining

14 Gold vs Government

15 The Day of Decision

16 May Day Ball at Bidwell

17 John Bendel's Store at Bidwell's Bar

18 The Bidwell Fire of 1859

19 Elusive Gold and Fleeting Dreams

20 The Last Toll Bridge in Butte County

21 Monument Stone vs Ink

22 Where is the Chapter about the Mother Orange Tree?

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Butte County Historical Society. However, no commercial or financial arrangement exists between us related to these publications. All funds generated by the sale of the publications remains with the Butte County Historical Society. We simply share a mutual interest in the research and documentation of Butte County history.


September 10, 2016