New Look

Why does our website have a new ‘Look’

Bottom Line / In a nutshell

Because of a web site snafu.... Huge snafu!!!

As you may or may not have noticed in the past, our website was actually on 2 or 3 websites and servers ...(as is still the case now but with different hosts now being involved). Obviously we are changing hosts because of this snafu !!!!

This is what happened:

in Late June 2009, unbeknownst (is there such a word?) to us, the site that was on Compuserve Classic was closed !

Compuserve Classic decided to close ALL their classic accounts !!! This, of course, included ours and who knows how many others. We had been with Compuserve since about 1995 so this was quite a shock.

And worse ! They did NOT let us know! So this closing of the site was a huge surprise to us ! H U G E !!!!

And, we discovered this closing of the site only by accident on about July 10 when we were checking links on the sites !

WOE and WOW...

What a mess this caused because a huge number (i.e. MOST) of our lessons were on the Compuserve Classic site and accessible by click throughs from our main site which was on another server.

But now those lessons were / are alllllllll gone.... off into the vast ether of cyberspace !!!

Had we known this was going to happen, we could have easily reposted to a different site and host. But, since the Compuserve Classic site went 'off air' without a warning to us, that did not happen.

Thus we have been working literally night and day to find the lessons and materials and things that were on that site and the other site that we were also using and are trying to upload them to this and a new mirror site site as fast as we can.

Rummaging through all kinds of files on floppies, other computers, etc. we were finally able to find and are gradually reposting most of the lessons that were on the Compuserve site, but some things have not been found and may forever be missing !!

Fortunately, however, for the most part, most of the files have been located on floppies (do you remember those?) and other computers and we are uploading them to the new server and the mirror site as fast as we can.

That is the Bad news


is that our new server and our new ‘mirror site’ are much better and easier to manage than the old server and the old Compuserve site. So, once all this confusion is cleared up and things are reposted, this will be much much better for everyone.

And, in case you are wondering, the page you are reading now is on our 'mirror site'.

We will be using both this mirror site and the main site in the future and you will often notice that you are hopping back and forth between them, but not to worry, they are all one and the same.

Anyway, thought you would like to know WHY the BibleStudies.Net site and its mirror site have a new and different look.

And now you know the rest of the story


If you would like to comment, you may email us at our NEW email address which is

biblestudiesnet (at) yahoo (dot) com

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