Tax Collector

    Jami D. Neuin, Tax Collector 2018
    2999 Bernville Rd
    Leesport, PA 19533

    Phone/Fax number:  610-916-8955


Taxes may be paid by mail, in person or at other times by appointment.

                                       Note:  2% tax discount and 10% penalty

Other Taxes:

     Per Capita Rate $5. (age 18 and older)

    Tax Claim Bureau for Collection of Delinquent Taxes

        Collector:    Berks County Tax Claim Bureau

    Emergency Municipal Services Tax Collector

        Collector:    Berks EIT

    Earned Income Tax and Local Services Tax Collector

        Collector:    Berks EIT

    Amusement Tax Administrator

        Collector:    Diane De Jesus, Bern Township Secretary

        Special Event Permit Fees: $50.

    Light District Rate

        50 cents per front foot

    Wireless Facility Annual License Fee

     $750 on Township pole $600 on other pole