Bern Twp Municipal Authority (BTMA)

BTMA operates public water and sewer service in Bern Township
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Bern Township Municipal Authority BTMA Office
    Bern Township Building
    1069 Old Bernville Road
    Reading PA 19605-9632
    Phone: 610-916-9919
    Fax:     610-916-9920
    Office Administrator:     Ms. Lori Hozza

    Office Hours:
                        Monday-Wednesday, 8:30-3:00
                        Thursday, 8:30-4:30
                        Friday Closed 
    Meetings:     4th Wednesday 7pm 


Are you using wipes and paper towels to clean and disinfect? Disinfect BUT DON't RISK A SEWER BACK UP! Toilet paper is made to disintegrate. Everything else should go in the trash, because its NOT flushable and won't breakdown. Wipes and paper towels will tangle into a big lump and block sewer lines. If a pipe in your neighborhood is blocked, sewage could back up into your house which means a very expensive $$$ mess for you.

BTMA payments cannot be accepted at the Bern Township office window, only the BTMA window. 
When the office is closed BTMA payments can ONLY be made at the drive-thru window of Vist Bank, located on Rt 183 across from WAWA.  Or you can mail your payment to the BTMA address

STARTING IN SEPTEMBER 2017 meetings will be 4th Wednesday at 11am. Not 7pm
    Scroll to bottom of page for PDFs of the 2016 Drinking Water Quality Reports from
    Reading Area Water Authority RAWA and 
Western Berks Water Authority WBWA

  • Urgent Request!
    Are you cleaning up after cats or kids?
    Please do not throw "flushable" cat litter or disposable wet wipes
    into your toilet.

    These items may be "flushable" but they do not dissolve or disintegrate.
    They cause blockages and other problems in sewer systems,
    and these problems are very expensive to fix,
    which will cause the cost of your sewer rates to increase.
For more information click on the two links
in the navigation bar on the left side.
These two links:
Flushable to FATBERG  and Trash NOT Toilet
will take you to external links of articles in the "The
New York Times".

                           So please be considerate and throw the  "flushables" into the trash,
                           or these items will wind up costing you and other sewer users a lot of money.
                           Thank you.
Many thanks to  Tom Krick  for his years of service to the BTMA Board.

BTMA Board 2019

   Chuck Koch      Chairman

                          Vice Chairman/Asst. Secretary

   Jay Field            Treasurer

   Irene Reed         Secretary

         Fredric Gurman

         Danielle Pappas


BTMA Solicitor
    Dan Becker, Esq
    Kozloff Stoudt
    2640 Westview Drive
    PO Box 6286
    Wyomissing, PA 19610
    Phone 610-670-2552
    Fax 610-670 2591

BTMA Engineer

    Kevin Conrad,
    Municipal Representative from SSM
    Spotts, Steven and McCoy, Inc.
    1047 North Park Road
    PO Box 6307
    PA 19610-0307
    Fax: 610-621-2001


    Reinsel & Co. LLP
    1015 Penn Avenue
    P.O. Box 7008
    Wyomissing, PA 19610-6008
    Phone: 610-376-1595
    Fax: 610-376-7340

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