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Gruber Wagon Works is located at the Berks County Heritage Center
on Red Bridge Park in
Tulpehocken Creek Park.
It's been a
National Historic Landmark since 1977.

"The BOOK of BERN,
A History of Bern Township,
Berks County, Pennsylvania 1738-1988”

"Bern Township was settled in 1733, mostly by German farmers. It was established in 1738. Originally, it was bounded on the east by the Schuylkill River, on the west by the Tulpehocken Creek, on the south at the confluence of the two rivers, and on the north by the Blue Mountains. 

First, the part of Bern Township on the north side of the Blue Mountains was taken away and made part of Brunswick Township in Schuylkill County leaving the crest of the mountain as the dividing line between the coun­ties. In 1789 the northern part of the township was split off and named Upper Bern.

Then, three other townships were carved out of Bern: Penn Township was formed in 1841 by taking parts of Bern and Upper Bern townships, Centre Township was formed in 1843 out of an eastern sector of the township and Tilden was created in 1887.

Today the Schuylkill River and the Tulpehocken Creek account for two thirds of the Bern Township’s boundary. On the north side, the Borough of Leesport marks the northeast corner of the township and a point southwest of Bern Church marks the southwestern corner."


The Bern Township Municipal Building
is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.
Bern Township and the BTMA staff are available by phone and email Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and Friday, 8:30 AM until noon. 
If you have something to drop off at the township building, please use our new DROP_BOX or consider mailing it to our address, or you can call to make an appointment to make a delivery.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 610-926-2267.For FEDEX and UPS deliveries, please call 610-926-2267.
BTMA payments cannot be accepted at the Bern Township office window. USE OUR new DROP BOX located by the main door. BTMA payments can ONLY be made at the drive-thru window of Vist Bank, located on Rt 183 across from WAWA.  Or you can mail your payment to the BTMA address


Are you using wipes and paper towels to clean and disinfect? Disinfect BUT DON't RISK A SEWER BACK UP! Toilet paper is made to disintegrate. Everything else should go in the trash, because its NOT flushable and won't breakdown. Wipes and paper towels will tangle into a big lump and block sewer lines. If a pipe in your neighborhood is blocked, sewage could back up into your house which means a very expensive $$$ mess for you.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bern Township basketball court and playground is closed until further notice.
These facilities are being closed to prevent gatherings of more than 10 persons. And we are not able to sanitize the playground equipment. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Message from the Chief of Police:

Welcome to Bern Township on the web. 
It is even better to visit us in person.
You will find the Bern Township Police Department ready to serve you, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are committed to doing everything possible to provide a safe environment for all of our citizens and visitors. If we can help you, please call us. If you can help us prevent a crime or an accident or assist in solving a case by reporting something suspicious, reckless, or helpful, we welcome your call or visit.                                                                    Wesley R. Waugh, Chief of Police

For more information about telephoning the Bern Township Police Department, click on this link:

Calling Bern Twp Police

Resolution No. 331 of 1996:

Rules and Regulations for Conduct of Public Meetings and Maintenance of 
Order. Click on PDF link below
This ordinance was adopted on May 6, 1996

 LEGAL Opinion July 2018.pdf

Tower Health-Acadia Healthcare
Behavioral Health Hospital Questions and Answers

Ready_PA_Monthly Newsletter_Nov_2018

Published on Dec 12, 2016
"How to Navigate Roundabouts" 
Penn DOT says 
 save lives and reduce crashes and crash severity when they are installed. Keys to navigating a roundabout are to slow down and yield. 
Penn DOT's 
YouTube Video link:

road capacity by 30 to 50% this article from "The Municipal Magazine" explains: 

Effective September 2017
BTMA monthly meetings will be held on the 4th Wednesday at 11am.

Get prepared and ready for emergencies caused by
unexpected emergencies, power outages and severe storms. A handy and easily accessible website for your home planning and preparedness 
needs can be found at:


Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), this 
site has much information and guidance.
It also includes directions to download
their app to both iOS and android smartphones.

Take the time to be prepared.
Make a plan for your family!

  • Wondering about why we use Oil and Chip
    on our roadways?

    Click on the Roads Page in the side bar list
    to the left for an explanation
  • Permit is Needed for Open Burning !
    A Burn Permit must be obtained from Bern Township office. Call for more details.
  •  The 2020  Recycling Dates are posted on the
    Solid Waste & Recycling Dates Page.

Urgent Request!

Are you cleaning up after cats or kids?

Please do not throw "flushable" cat litter or disposable wet wipes into your toilet.

These items may be "flushable" but they do not dissolve or disintegrate.

They cause blockages and other problems in sewer systems. These problems are very expensive to fix, and will cause the cost of your sewer rates to increase.

So please be considerate and throw your "flushables" into the trash, or these items will wind up costing you, and other sewer users, a lot more money.Thank you!

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