Plant This - Not That

Plant This - Not That

Native Honeysuckle - Japanese Honeysuckle

Nine Bark - Bush Honeysuckle or Chinese/European Privet

Cleveland Pear - Bradford Pear

Knock Out or Drift Roses - Multiflora Rose

American Wisteria - Japanese or Chinese Wisteria

Liriope muscari (clumping) - Liriope spicata (running)

Barrenwort - Houttuynia or Chameleon Plant

Light green Creeping Jenny - Green Creeping Jenny

Barren Strawberry (shade) or Squaw-weed (part shade) or Sand Phlox (sun to part shade) - English Ivy

Vinca Minor - Vinca Major

Sweetspire - Little Henry or Henry's Garnet - Burning Bush