2018 BVGV TV Programs

All programs are hosted by Geri Hoerner unless otherwise stated and include a specific topic along with upcoming gardening events and what to do in your garden for the month.

The January 2018 program guest is Tony LiCausi, a member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and a Benton County Master Gardener.  The topic of the program is The Complex World of Soil and the large variety of unseen creatures and microorganisms that improve the soil and benefit plants by just going about their business.  Soil amendments are discussed along with the importance of having your soil tested to determine what natural elements should be added to improve your soil.  The PH factor of the soil also has an effect on the health of plants and that can also be adjusted based on the soil test results.  Natural materials are discussed and how chemicals can harm your soil.  How to build a good bed of soil from scratch is explained.

The February 2018 program guest is Corrin Troutman, Horticulturalist, with an emphasis on Ozark native plants.  The topic of the program is Colorful Natives and the many benefits of including native plants in your garden are discussed.  Also photos of some of the native trees, shrubs and perennials that give your garden color in all seasons are shown.  Douglas Tallamy's book, Bringing Nature Home, is a recommended reference that explains the importance of native plants in our landscapes and Missouri Wildflower Nursery's catalog has a wealth in information on a large variety of native plants.  

The March 2018 program is hosted by Barb Templin and her guest is Rachel Cox, Executive Director of the Healing Gardens of NWA.  The topic of the program is the Healing Gardens of NWA located in Rogers adjacent to the Highlands Oncology Group building.  The history of the garden is discussed, the steps that have been completed so far and the future plans for the gardens that will inclued a 14 foot waterfall.  Photos of the garden plans are shown and future fund raisers are discussed.  Also a preview of the painted wine glasses that will be available to purchase at the BVGC Garden Party in June are displayed.

The April 2018 program guest is Lou Jasper, a member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and a Benton County Master Gardener.  The topic of the program is Butterfly Gardens and the host plants that butterflies need to lay their eggs and feed their caterpillars.  Each butterfly has a specific plant or family of plants that they need for this purpose but many plants can provide the nectar that the butterflies use for food.  Host plants and nectar plants are discussed along with ways to provide a water source. A butterfly garden can contain a large variety of sun loving plants that many butterflies will visit.  Several sources for host plants and nectar or pollinator plants are discussed.  These lists are located on this website in the Gardening Info section, on the Butterfly Gardens page.  Also discussed are upcoming events:  Duets in Bloom2, the Benton County Master Gardener Lawn & Garden Expo and the Wastewater Plant and Bella Vista Garden Club Plant Sales.  A lovely floral arrangement of spring flowers was provided by Just Petaling to decorate the set and it was donated to a local non-profit. 

The May 2018 program guest is Beth Kastl, a member of the Bella Vista Garden Club and a Benton County Master Gardener.  The topic of the program is Come to a Garden Party.  Beth is a Co-Chair of the event that will be held on Friday, June 8th, from 4:00 to 8:00 at Simple Pleasures.  The party is held in cooperation with the City of Bella Vista and the Bella Vista Property Owners Association.  There will be wonderful appetizers created by the members, wine, music, art, vendors, a silent auction, raffles and more.  Our wonderful hand painte wine glasses will be available to purchase and with the purchase you recieve an addition wine pour.  Parts of the video from the 2016 Garden Party are shown to get a glimps of what is in store.  The Mayor will also present the Bella Vista Garden Week Proclamation. Only 1,000 tickets are available and must be purchased in advance and can be found in a number of locations in Bella Vista.  Profits from the event will provide scholarships and other beautification projects.

The June 2018 program guest is Char Brunje, a member of the Bella Vista Garden Club.  The topic of the program is Arkansas Diamonds which are annual plants  selected by the Arkansas Green Industry Association, the U of A Coopertive Extension Services, logal growers and independent garden centers that perform well in Arkansas.  There have been 13 plants chosen since 2015 including 3 in 2018 and the plants are sold with an Arkansas Diamond Logo tag so they can be easily identified.  Photos of the plants were shown from the ARGIA website and the preferred light and water requirements for each plant was discussed.  Nurseries in our area were listed and are shown on the ARGIA website as dealers also.  

The July 2018 program guest is BarbTemplin, a member of the Bella Vista Garden Club.  The topic of the program is Growing Cactus and how they can be used in your garden for interest or as houseplants indoors.  All Cactus are Succulants but not all Succulents are Cactus.  There are over 1,000 varieties of cactus from very small to very large and they are very drought tollerant, requiring little care.  Although all cactus cannot be grown in our gardens in Northwest Arkansas there are some that are hardy in our area and they require good drainage.  Photos are shown of some very interesting varieties.  

The August 2018 program guests are JB Portillo, a fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club, President of the Benton County Master Gardeners and a NWA Master Naturalist together with Terry Weiderhaft a fellow Benton County Master Gardener.  The topic of the program is The Helping Hands Pantry Garden Update and Terry is the Leader of that project.  The garden is adjacent to the Helping Hands Store and there are about 7 acres available for use for a garden.  At the present time the garden covers less than one acre with 35 raised beds and some fruit trees.  This past year a drip water irrigation system has been added that has dramatically improved the production of produce.  All produce harvested is taken to the Helping Hands Pantry and instructions for cleaning, storing and refrigerating the produce is given to the recipient.  Some easy recipes are handed out also.  The garden is also used for education and some home schooled children have cleared out beds, planted vegetables and harvested the crops for the pantry.  Last year a little over 2,000 pounds of produce was harvested and this year the garden has produced over 1,800 pounds at the end of July.  Volunteers are always welcome to help and beds can be adopted by groups that can add to the bounty for the Helping Hands Pantry.  Photos taken this year at the garden are also shown.

The September 2018 program guest is JB Portillo, a fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club, President of the Benton County Master Gardeners and a NWA Master Naturalist.  The topic of the program is Clematis - Vine Art and the growing conditions required are discussed.  The three pruning groups are defined and pictures of many varieties provided by former Bella Vista Garden Club member, Susan Strong, are shown with various types of support systems used.  Antique fencing or gates can be used, vinyl coated wire can be wrapped around birdhouse posts and chicken wire shaped around a large piece of driftwood are shown.  New varieties have been developed that are more compact and smaller in size to fit in small areas to give your garden great color.  Also announced was the Bella Vista Gardening program has been awarded the National Overall winner from the National Garden Club, Inc. for a gardening TV show.  It is quite an honor for the show to receive this prestigious award. 

The October 2018 program guest is Cody George, Head Horticulturalist at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  The topic of the program is What's Up at Crystal Bridges? and Cody related how the trails and gardens have evolved over the 7 years since they began work on the grounds.  As any gardener knows there are areas that change due to natural events that provide more or less shade or sun and we have to adapt to those changes.  While the emphasis originally was to incorporate mostly native plants into the gardens, the use of good behaving non-natives is being utilized to create interest along with the natives.  With 17 acres to tend to, there are always opportunities to create new areas with unique plantings.  Photos of some of the non-natives that work well with the natives are shown.  Also areas of hard wood mulch are being reduced by using ground cover plantings called green mulch which reduces weeds and expense. 

The November 2018 program is hosted by JB Portillo, a fellow member of the Bella Vista Garden Club, President of the Benton County Master Gardeners and a NWA Master Naturalist and her guests are fellow members of the Bella Vista Garden Club; Marion Heath and Melissa Stratton, who is also a fellow Master Gardener.  The topic of the program is Three Sisters and Blue Corn which is a planting combination that has been used for centuries that includes corn, beans and squash.  These three vegetables provide a complete dietary meal that provides all the nutrients needed for good health.  Corn provides a support for the bean plants and the squash spreads to form a green mulch to discourage weeds and preserve moisture.  Directions for planting this small garden is provided and can be also be planted in a container for those who do not have a garden area available.  

The December 2018 program guests are Bella Vista Mayor, Peter Christie and Bella Vista Property Owners General Manager, Tom Judson.  The topic of the program is Beautifying Bella Vista and completed beautification projects like the Bella Vista Memorial Garden across from the Country Club, the 'Bella Vista' Daffodil plantings of 1,400 bulbs in the city, Arbor Day tree giveaways, new landscaping completed at Scotsdale Golf Course, Lakepoint, the Country Club and Branchwood are discussed. Future plans and projects for the Berksdale golf course are also discussed.  Cooperation between the City the POA and the Bella Vista Garden Club to make Bella Vista even more beautiful will continue.