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October 27th Meeting of the BVGC

Meeting Location: Bella Vista Community Church, 75 E. Lancashire Boulevard, Bella Vista.

Meeting Time: Social starts at 9:30 am with meeting at 10:00 am

Entrance: Please enter at the rear of the building. There is an elevator available as you come in the doors.

Zoom: The President will be sending out the Zoom invite in an email. If you have a problem getting on Zoom, please give me a call. 509-392-3430

Masks: The President strongly recommending everyone wear a mask. The Church will be spacing the chairs 6’ apart.

Program: Guest Speaker: Tanya Collins, Marketing Director for Apple Seeds, Inc., will share a PowerPoint introducing us to Apple Seeds, Inc., a teaching farm that creates programs to educate and excite young students about healthy food.

Artistic Design of the Month

Horticulture: Tony LiCausi – “What’s New in Horticulture Winterizing”


BVGC Members, one of my goals as your president is for every club member to have the opportunity to become involved in our projects. This involvement covers a wide range of needs and talents. Some needs involve outdoor, physical labor others will be less physically demanding, but ALL are needed for an active and effective Club.

Please look in your new Yearbook (pages 7-9) for information on committees and projects. Contact the Committee Chairman for more details and to express your interest in participating. I especially encourage our newer Members to find activities that suit their interests, talents and desires to learn.

A critical part of participation is communicating the needs and opportunities of the committees. Therefore, Committee Chairs, please address the entire Club when emailing etc. requests for help or scheduling activities. Alternatively, you can advise me and I will forward the information to the Club. Members, let the Committee Chairs know of your interest in participating and pose any questions you have about that Committee or project. The Yearbook has their contact information.

I also request Members to communicate directly with me on any suggestions you have for improving or broadening our Club. While I am presently serving as your Club President, I am primarily a member who has enjoyed working alongside some very knowledgeable gardeners and mentors with a willingness to share their knowledge. So, new and seasoned Members do not miss out on the opportunities the Club offers to learn new things and make new friends….PARTICIPATE!

Stay well and safe

Pat Meyer

2021-2023 President



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October 2021 -

47 Stonehaven Dr.

Congratulations to Tom & Mary Lou Armstrong, who have been selected as the Bella Vista Garden Club Yard of the Month. They were recommended by their appreciative neighbor, Bev Marten. The Armstrongs moved to Bella Vista from Dumas, Texas in 2017. They are both retired but in past lives Tom was a pharmacist and Mary Lou says that a designer hat is what she wears. She loves designing all things, homes, gardens, food, parties, you name it! Lynn designs and plants their beautiful yard and Tom mows and edges and does the heavy lifting. May Lou believes that gardening is therapeutic. “ I plant and God makes it beautiful”, says Mary Lou.

They have totally transformed the yard both front and back since moving in. One of the best features is the beautiful walkway leading to their front door, the center focal point and the shady, winding side yard full of beautiful perennials and annuals.

The Bella Vista Garden Club thanks you, Tom and Mary Lou, for yet another example of a well-kept yard and helping to keep Bella Vista beautiful year-round!

For previous Yards of the Month...go to Club Buzz.

New Sand Bed Preparation

This just in from Ginny Vance.

We are so thankful for the workers at the Bella Vista Waste Water Company. They made a brand new sand bed area for our plants that we sell in the spring!! Landscape blocks were added too!! They are an awesome group of men & women

Pop-up Daylily Sale on Saturday September 25th at Village Waste Water was a huge success.

September 22nd Meeting

Ilene Vought

Ilene Vought thanked the BVGC on behalf of the board for all the work in the Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery which has won another National Garden Clubs, Inc. Preservation of Beauty Achievement Award in 2019 and 2020. As a reward, she brought donuts to the meeting.

Bella Vista Garden Club Dorothy Wallace Scholarships

Michelle Wisdom, Isabella Norsworthy, Dr. Wayne Mackay, Stephen Turner, Virginia Halman, Pat Meyer, Judi Shannon, Dory Hammeke, Marilyn Russell

Stephen Turner and Virginia Halman

Program: Scholarship Committee Co-chair, Virginia Halman Introduced this year’s Scholarship Recipients

Isabella Norsworthy and Virginia Halman

Megan Lankford

Guest Speaker: Megan Lankford, Horticulture Supervisor at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks and former BVGC scholarship recipient spoke on “A Day in the Life of a Horticulturist”

Dedication of Yearbook: President, Pat Meyer, dedicated the Yearbook to a very surprised Cathy Downard.

Raffle Items: Three happy club members enjoyed winning this raffle.

Zoom: The meeting was also shared on Zoom with members who didn't attend. Nine members took advantage of this new feature run by Ginny Vance.

Artistic Design of the Month: Tray Design with autumn theme by Linda Neymeyer.

Horticulture: Tony LiCausi spoke on “What’s New in Horticulture – Fall Planting”

Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery Work Days 9/14/21

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It was a beautiful morning for our Garden Club Members to work at the Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery. We dead headed and we’re cleaning beds for the fall. These gardens are beautiful !

Members in photo - left to right: Rosalie Akey Mikelson, Janice Grim, Patti Brierly, Mary Doyle, Ginny Vance, Cathy Downard, Jane Gordon, Dagmar Roeder, Kimber Smith.

New Project - Native Plants Garden Bed

This project is chaired by Plant Sale Chairman, Joel Miller. It is an area in front of the greenhouse where the committee works on the Plant Sales. The Waste Water Treatment Plant is allowing the Club to use the area to make a garden showcasing native plants. It will feature stepping stones to allow people to walk into the area. It is mainly a learning garden but eventually some of the plants will be for sale at future Garden Club Plant Sales.

Plant Sale Preparations Never End

So many club members work down at Waste Water daily potting, watering, cleaning up and always weeds to pull to keep things in shape for the next Plant Sale!

Shown in the photo working Aug 9th: Kathy Zumbro, Deidre Cheney, Mary O'Brian, Ginny Vance, Cathy Downard, and Jen Sheridan

Tour of Club Member's Garden - July 14, 2021

Though this wasn't an official Club activity it involves many members of the Bella Vista Garden Club.

BVGC member Tony LiCausi's lovely garden was on tour today for the Garden Club of Rogers. Many BVGC members were there to help out.

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Note of Thanks from Tony

Well the weatherman finally co-operated, the rain stopped at just the right time, the weather was cool everyone arrived and appeared to have had a good time because they were slow to leave, took bunches of pictures and had many questions. I was most proud of our Bella Vista Garden Club in coming out and helping to host in many ways our neighboring garden club. A special shout out to Marilyn Russell and Judi Shannon who helped with coffee and biscotti. Bob and Terresa Paulseen who helped with parking and hosting. Barb Angstead, Deidre Cheney, Janice Grim, Dory Hammeke, Mary O'Brian, Elaine Rooney who helped with hosting and guiding. There were many more who also came to just help if necessary. I apologize for not mentioning your names because there were so many and was a bit overwhelmed. I do remember of course our president Pat Meyer (always charming) and am pretty sure Ginny Vance was here taking photo's also.

There were a number of people who I can't remember who wanted some perennial divisions this spring, information on drip systems, compost tea, nematode suppliers, etc.. etc. If you are one of these please contact me at or call me at 479 876 2121 and I am happy to help in any way I can. Again, thanks a million Bella Vista Garden Club,

Tony LiCausi

Veterans Wall of Honor - Winter Damage

Photos just in from Ginny Vance 7/9/21:

A big shout out to Tony LiCausi & Patricia Meyer for working all day on July 8th at the Veterans Wall of Honor. The holly trees which were damaged by the hard winter are finally gone!

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This just in from Tony LiCausi 7/10/21:

The hollies have been removed. Thanks to the Sheriff's department who came with 3 inmates to do the heavy lifting and heavy it was. Seven hours later we finally removed the last one at four in the afternoon. Many thanks go out to Cathy Downard, Ray Matkowski and Ginny Vance. Special thanks to Pat Meyer who arrived at 8 a.m. with home baked cookies and left at 4 p.m. Later, she ran to Lowe's to buy a tarp when it was needed and called her husband, Alan, to bring more tools. If that wasn't enough she bought bottled water when we ran out and oranges too. Folk's, I think we have a winner in our new president, Pat Meyer.

Hope everyone has a healthy and joyous summer and we hope to see you at The Wall in early October for the replacement plantings.

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Veterans Wall of Honor

This just in from Penny Frahm 7/6/21.

Weekely trip to the Veteran's Wall to weed and deadhead. There was a group of young men down there power washing the sidewalks and memorial and putting fresh mulch around the shrubs by the walking trail. They offered me some free mulch and even help me put in down around the flower bed, it made the flowers really pop. They were with Hooyeah Tree and Landscape and it was so nice for them to donate the mulch and help. I have included a picture of the two (Ryan and Bo) in that order on the picture. Bo is the one that helped with the flower bed. Photo of Penny from Ginny Vance.


James Richardson posted these photos on FB. He got some planting done at the blue star memorial garden today.




· Annuals & Herbs - Keep deadheading often for continued bloom and continue to fertilize in September. Think about whether you want to save plants or seeds from the garden for next year. Dry herbs for cooking in the winter months.

· Perennials - Deadhead blooms on perennials and divide those that are overcrowded. Now is a good time to divide spring-blooming perennials, iris and peonies. Many perennials benefit from fall planting because they have time to grow some roots and get established. Mums should be blooming and add more mums to your garden where you need fall color. Watch for water needs. Hostas and daylilies can be divided in fall or spring, but doing it in the fall ensures they have time to get established. Plants divided in spring can look disheveled in comparison.

· Roses - The few Japanese Beetles we had this year are gone by now and there should be a new flush of blooms for the next few months. Keep deadheading and checking for black spot but stop fertilizing after early September.

· Lawns Lawns - require a deep watering of at least one inch weekly. Late September is a good time to over-seed fescue lawns. Freezing seeds for a few days helps germination. Apply fall pre-emergence herbicides to control winter weeds later in September.

· Trees and Shrubs – Trees and shrubs can be planted later in September when the weather cools. Fall planting is most successful because the plant’s energy goes into root growth. Replenish mulch around trees and shrubs leaving an inch or two from the truck or stem.

· Vegetables As the weather starts to cool down we may get some vegetables to harvest. You can plant turnips, mustard, spinach, lettuce and radishes until mid September. Probably the most important thing you can do to keep diseases and pests controlled in your vegetable garden next year is a thorough clean-up now. Remove all old leaves and stems. Pull out your tomato plants and put them in the trash – not your compost pile. Don’t forget to rotate your crops.

· Invasive plants This is a good time to spray and kill invasive plants such as poison ivy, bush honeysuckle and privet. Why? Because in the fall all plants turn their energy to their major trunks, stems and roots, causing the plant to absorb and digest the herbicide quickly.


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"A garden is a love song, a duet between a human being and Mother Nature."

Jeff Cox
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