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Garden Clubs annual perennial plant sale will be held Thursday - Saturday, May 20th - 22nd. 8am to Noon.

We are continuing to hold our sales by appointments and signup will start at Noon on Sunday, May 16th. At this time our inventory will also be made available and hopefully this will help you put your list together!! Thursday and Friday will be by appointment only and Saturday will not require appointments as the inventory will be well picked over by then and people can come in at their leisure to see what they can find. Remember - you will not be able to make an appointment before noon on Sunday, May 16th.

Please keep checking our FB page for more information and instructions on how to make an appointment or there is information available by clicking the "Plant Sale Information" button.

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Support the Bella Vista Garden Club when you order bulbs and plants from Brent & Becky's Bulbs. Just click on the Brent and Becky's "ORDER BULBS button", then follow the directions to place your order from their catalog. The Club will be a benefactor of a very generous portion of your purchase. It is that easy!

The Spring Trip will be to the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks on May 26th

Schedule for Wednesday, May 26th field trip to Ozark Botanical Gardens. (4703 N Crossover Rd, Fayetteville, AR)

Time : 12:00 pm - Lunch at Gardens/$5.00 rental for lunch room.

Lunch will be Chicken Sandwich with chips and a cookie by Chick-fil-a. $10 You are to provide your own drink.

1:00 pm - guided tour of Botanical gardens $10.00

Total - cost for lunch and tour $ 25.00

Reservations must be made to Judy Jeffrey by May 22nd. (515)371-0701 or

Payment for the lunch and tour can be made on the day of the tour - Checks to be made out to Garden Club (BVGC) and ready for payment at arrival at Gardens.

If you are paying in cash please have the correct change.

If you make reservations and for some reason cannot attend you will still be responsible to pay. No cancellations can be made after the 22nd.

If you don’t want lunch and just want the tour you can do so. You will need to meet us at 1:00 for the tour.

We may try to do some carpooling to the Gardens. Arrangements can be made among yourselves.

The Spring Luncheon - June 9 at Lakepoint

101 Marina Dr., BV

Social gathering 11:00

Meeting 11:30

Lunch 12:00

Choice of entrée

(1) Parmesan crusted chicken, marinara, provolone cheese

(2) Sliced beef sirloin, red wine herb demi sauce

Mixed green salad with dressings on the table.

Oven roasted potatoes

Chef’s choice vegetable

Chef’s choice dessert

Roll and butter with Iced tea and coffee upon request

The cost is $16.50 per member with the club will paying the remaining $16.50.

The bar will be open from 11:00am - I:00 pm. You’re on your own for that expense.

We will have a wonderful surprise in the form of entertainment.

Karen Welch is taking reservations and payments. Note your choice for the entrée on your check and mail it to Karen.

She’ll also be collecting your $20 dues for next year.


The April 28th Meeting was held at the Bella Vista Community Church

Program: Denise Klinger spoke on "Bluebird Habitat/Native Plants"

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Judy Jeffrey conducted a short business meeting.

Pat Meyer and Dory Hammeke were elected President and Vice President.

A vote decided that the Spring Trip will be to the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks and raffle prizes were awarded.

Tony LiCausi provided One on One Gardening Info immediately after the meeting.

Veterans Wall of Honor

This just in from Penny Frahm.

Busy day at the Veteran's Wall. Workers, Tony LaCausi, Deidre Cheney and Penny Frahm cleaned out the debris in the boxwoods and Tony trimmed them. Flower beds were cleaned out and some soil added. The summer plants were put in: durango marigolds (yellow) that will get pretty big and do well there; dwarf blue ageratum for the front border; and some red hot sally salvia for an extra splash of color. Mulched to retain moisture. The committee is hoping the compact nadinas come back. Tony had to stake out the red buds trees that actually got bent over in the flood! Still some more work to do, especially if the holly trees by the fountain to do pull through. Check out the slideshow of the before and after photos.

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Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery Work Days 8/15 - 9/15/2020

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Blue Star Memorial Work Day 9/4/2020



Steve and Nancy Menhennett

Congratulations to Steve and Nancy Menhennett of 5 Haverigg Lane who have been selected as the Bella Vista Garden Club Yard of the Month. Steve and Nancy are originally from Louisiana and Texas but have lived in Bella Vista since 2004. Nancy is a long time friend of Lou Jasper who is a Master Gardener/BV Garden Club member. Nancy and Lou both worked at the Sunshine School for many years. Nancy is proud to say that most of the plants in her yard are from the Garden Club. She started with small starts and has nourished and divided them over the years to form themes and splashes of color throughout the year. Steve is the designer and starts by laying out a garden hose to create a design tweaking it until it gets just like they want it and then creates beautiful garden vignettes throughout their property. Nancy loves all her flowers, especially her daisies and Steve is very fond of their rain lilies.They both take great pride in their yard and have a lovely front approach and beautiful side yard with plenty of trees forming a beautiful oasis with a bench placed perfectly to enjoy the view. The Bella Vista Garden Club thanks you, Steve and Nancy, for yet another example of a well-kept yard and helping to keep Bella Vista beautiful year-round!



      • May is the time to finish planting and don’t forget to mulch everything that you plant. You will be glad you did later in the season.

      • Annuals - Bedding plants can be set out and containers can be planted. Polymers that hold the water for the plant’s roots are very helpful in containers.

      • Herbs - When the nighttime temperatures are 50 and above consistently, you can plant your basil. Other herbs aren’t as temperature sensitive so they can be planted now too if you haven’t done so already. Most herbs need full sun but can tolerate some afternoon shade.

      • Bulbs - A feeding of bulb booster or bone meal will help. Be sure to leave the leaves on for 6 to 8 weeks after bloom. In mid May plant warm weather bulbs such as caladiums, cannas and elephant ears.

      • Perennials - Finish planting and dividing and mulch as you go. Labels help you remember names and placement.

      • Lawns - This is the period of rapid growth. Mow no more than 1/3 of the height of the leaf blade. Bermuda – apply a second pre-emergence crabgrass control treatment between May 15 and June 15. Fescues – fertilize with nitrogen only if your soil test indicates it is needed.

      • Roses - Watch for aphids and fungus. Aphids can be controlled by a hard spray from the hose in early morning so the foliage will dry before dark. Fertilize established roses because they are heavy feeders. Be sure plants are watered before applying fertilizer so you don’t burn the roots. Water deeply if we don’t get at least 1 inch of rain per week.

      • Trees and Shrubs - Prune spring flowering shrubs after they bloom. Newly planted trees and shrubs should be watered deeply each week until established. Feed azaleas and rhododendrons after bloom. Deadhead lilacs.

      • Vegetables - You can plant bush and pole snap beans and lima beans, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, squash and tomatoes. Mulching tomatoes not only conserves water and chokes out weeds, but also prevents splitting and cracking. Water as needed and fertilize.


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"A garden is a love song, a duet between a human being and Mother Nature."

Jeff Cox
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