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The Garden Club Will Not Meet Again Until September

If you are interested in joining before then, please click here and send your check and membership form to our Treasurer. If you join before June 30th, you will be listed in our 2022-2023 Yearbook.

The Club takes a summer break except for the following projects:

Blue Star Memorial - Highway 71 Welcome Center

Veterans Wall of Honor

Bella Vista Cemetery

'Bella Vista Gardening' TV Program


Message from Pat Meyer, BVGC President

BVGC Members, one of my goals as your president is for every club member to have the opportunity to become involved in our projects. This involvement covers a wide range of needs and talents. Some needs involve outdoor, physical labor others will be less physically demanding, but ALL are needed for an active and effective Club.

Please look in your new Yearbook (pages 7-9) for information on committees and projects. Contact the Committee Chairman for more details and to express your interest in participating. I especially encourage our newer Members to find activities that suit their interests, talents and desires to learn.

A critical part of participation is communicating the needs and opportunities of the committees. Therefore, Committee Chairs, please address the entire Club when emailing etc. requests for help or scheduling activities. Alternatively, you can advise me and I will forward the information to the Club. Members, let the Committee Chairs know of your interest in participating and pose any questions you have about that Committee or project. The Yearbook has their contact information.

I also request Members to communicate directly with me on any suggestions you have for improving or broadening our Club. While I am presently serving as your Club President, I am primarily a member who has enjoyed working alongside some very knowledgeable gardeners and mentors with a willingness to share their knowledge. So, new and seasoned Members do not miss out on the opportunities the Club offers to learn new things and make new friends….PARTICIPATE!

Stay well and safe

Pat Meyer

2021-2023 President


Garden Extravaganza

The Garden Extravaganza was held on Saturday June 11th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The beautiful gardens were a HUGE hit. The decorated bicycles at each garden matched the garden's theme and some were for sale.

THANK YOU to all participants!!

Seven beautiful Bella Vista, AR gardens were featured. Each had a different theme.

Seven minute video of all seven gardens featured in the Garden Extravaganza


Congratulations to Jackie & Ray Ramos,14 Kalaen Dr, Bella Vista, AR 72715. They have been selected as the Bella Vista Garden Club Yard of the Month. They were recommended by their appreciative neighbor, Jean Galloway. They moved to Bella Vista about 2 ½ years ago from the Yucatan but have lived in various locations over the years. Jackie is originally from South Africa and Ray from California. They are both retired but in past lives they worked for many years on the Mercy Ships visiting over 68 counties. Jackie is a plant “rescuer” as she loves to take in plants that need love and that are on the bargain racks and bring them back to life. Jackie designs the layout and Ray does the heavy lifting and digging. Jackie especially loves to design pots and hanging baskets.

They have totally transformed the house and the yard both front and back since moving in. One of the best features is the beautiful back yard that was nothing but tall weeds, added fencing and stairs and planted so many pollinator plants and others making it a nature paradise. They even have banana plants. Yes, banana plants can grow in BV!

The Bella Vista Garden Club thanks you, Jackie and Ray, for yet another example of a well-kept yard and helping to keep Bella Vista beautiful year-round!

Dedication of the New Stained Glass Sign at the Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery as Part of the Club's Celebration of the 50th Anniversary

Mary Doyle and Patti Brierly, Co-chairs of Cemetery Committee; with Pat Meyer, President of the Club and creator of the Stained Glass Sign. Pat said that her daughter and husband helped with the framing and installation of the sign.

Members of the Club joined in the June 7th, 2022 unveiling and dedication of the stained glass sign in the Butterfly Garden. The sign was greeted with applause and comment such as, "Beautiful" and "Amazing".

Plant on June 4th, 2022

It was a beautiful day for the Bella Vista Garden Club's rescheduled Plant Sale. Thanks to everyone who came and bought plants. We appreciate your support!

The BVGC Spring Luncheon and Tour at Crystal Bridges

on June 1, 2022

The Meeting Theme was the 50th Anniversary of the Garden Club. Check out the photos in the Image Carousel.

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Veterans Wall of Honor

Penny Frahm & Jamie Hooper

Planted flowers and did some spring cleaning at the Veterans Wall Of Honor today.

April 27, 2022 Meeting

Speaker - Janet Carson

Janet Carson, author, columnist, and retired statewide horticulture specialist presented "Gardening in the Natural State"

Many Benton County Mater Gardeners attended the meeting to hear Janet Carson.

Penny Pines Certificate

1 - Jan Grim received a Penny Pines Certificate in memory of her husband who passed away recently.

Arkansas Federation of Garden Club Awards

Presented to Committee Chairman

2 - 1st Place. Heritage Award Mary Doyle and Patti Brierly for the BV Memorial Garden Cemetery

3 - Runner up Bravo Award Cathy Downard

4 & 5 - 1st Place. Civic Achievement Award Tony LiCausi and Penny Frahm for the Veterans Wall

6 - 1st Place Garden Club Yearbook Cathy Wayson

7 - 1st Place Garden Therapy Louise Wilson and Diedre Cheney (not present)

The Club also received 2nd Place for Membership Increase


Mona Tate and Jamie Hooper announce the winners.

Artistic Design

Elaine Rooney provided a fresh spring floral design.

Annual Tomato, Coleus, and Zinnia Sale on 4/23/22

Hello everyone - I first want to THANK YOU for coming out and making our tomato, coleus & zinnia sale last Friday the best yet! It was so successful that we totally sold out of everything on Friday and had to cancel our Saturday sale. The garden club appreciates your support.

Please return your one gallon pots and any other one gallon pots you may acquire if you can. This is an enormous help to us.

And lastly, please remember our upcoming perennial sale May 20th & 21st.

Joal Miller, Plant Sale Chairman

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Dedication of the Club's History Books

at the Bella Vista Historical Museum on April 13, 2022

President, Pat Meyer, dedicated the Club's 50 years of History Books (also called Scrapbooks).

After the dedication, members traded stories, checked out some of the books and enjoyed cookies.

Garden Therapy

BVGC Club members took fun projects to Concordia and Brookfield in April, 2022.



50th Anniversary Year Kickoff

Tree Planting at Fire Station #3 on March 25th, 2022

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Garden Club President Pat Meyer, Mayor Peter Christie, and Fire Chief Sims spoke about the Club's donation of the tree in honor of the Club's 50th Anniversary and in recognition of Bella Vista's First Responders.

Meeting on March 23, 2022 in person and via Zoom

Program: Peter Christie, Mayor of Bella Vista, hosted an interactive discussion with Club members about the City's designation as a Tree City USA. He discussed the requirements, the ongoing commitments, and what this means to the residents of Bella Vista. He also answered questions on a myriad of topics pertaining to Bella Vista.

View Meeting: Members can view the recorded meeting on the member's only section of this website for one month following the meeting.

Volunteers are needed to be Hostesses at the homes on the Garden Extravaganza which will be on June 11, 2022. Hostesses can attend the event free of charge.

Photos from upper left in a circle, Mayor Peter Christie, the speaker; Carol Tabat, running the zoom; Artistic Design by Linda Neymeyer; Yummy treats for the attendees; and the Raffle Items overseen by Jamie Hooper.

Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery Work Days October 2021

It was a beautiful morning for our Garden Club Members to work at the Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery.

During our clean up we even found a Monarch caterpillar on one of the fennel plants.

New Sand Bed Preparation

This just in from Ginny Vance.

We are so thankful for the workers at the Bella Vista Waste Water Company. They made a brand new sand bed area for our plants that we sell in the spring!! Landscape blocks were added too!! They are an awesome group of men & women.

New Project - Native Plants Garden Bed

This project is chaired by Plant Sale Chairman, Joel Miller. It is an area in front of the greenhouse where the committee works on the Plant Sales. The Waste Water Treatment Plant is allowing the Club to use the area to make a garden showcasing native plants. It will feature stepping stones to allow people to walk into the area. It is mainly a learning garden but eventually some of the plants will be for sale at future Garden Club Plant Sales.


James Richardson posted these photos on FB. He got some planting done at the

Blue Star Memorial Garden.


Things to do in May

  • May is the time to finish planting and don’t forget to mulch everything that you plant. You will be glad you did later in the season.

  • Annuals - Bedding plants can be set out and containers can be planted. Polymers that hold the water for the plant’s roots are very helpful in containers.

  • Herbs - When the nighttime temperatures are 50 and above consistently, you can plant your basil. Other herbs aren’t as temperature sensitive so they can be planted now too if you haven’t done so already. Most herbs need full sun but can tolerate some afternoon shade.

  • Bulbs - A feeding of bulb booster or bone meal will help. Be sure to leave the leaves on for 6 to 8 weeks after bloom. In mid May plant warm weather bulbs such as caladiums, cannas and elephant ears.

  • Perennials - Finish planting and dividing and mulch as you go. Labels help you remember names and placement.

  • Lawns - This is the period of rapid growth. Mow no more than 1/3 of the height of the leaf blade. Bermuda – apply a second pre-emergence crabgrass control treatment between May 15 and June 15. Fescues – fertilize with nitrogen only if your soil test indicates it is needed.

  • Roses - Watch for aphids and fungus. Aphids can be controlled by a hard spray from the hose in early morning so the foliage will dry before dark. Fertilize established roses because they are heavy feeders. Be sure plants are watered before applying fertilizer so you don’t burn the roots. Water deeply if we don’t get at least 1 inch of rain per week.

  • Trees and Shrubs - Prune spring flowering shrubs after they bloom. Newly planted trees and shrubs should be watered deeply each week until established. Feed azaleas and rhododendrons after bloom. Deadhead lilacs.

  • Vegetables - You can plant bush and pole snap beans and lima beans, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, squash and tomatoes. Mulching tomatoes not only conserves water and chokes out weeds, but also prevents splitting and cracking. Water as needed and fertilize.


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"A garden is a love song, a duet between a human being and Mother Nature."

Jeff Cox
Artistic Touches by Cathy Wayson