Garden Walk

The club has hosted a number of Garden Walks, with examples noted below.  Proceeds from this event are used for horticultural scholarships and Garden Therapy at a community site.  The proceeds also contribute to the club's support of many local beautification projects including:  Veterans Wall of Honor, Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery and the Blue Star Memorial Garden at the Bella Vista Visitors' Center on Highway 71.

2014 Garden Walk

The Tour Included 8 Stops

2011 Garden Walk

2011 Garden Walk's was held on June 4th. The gardens selected were all unique and provided visitors with inspiration for their own plantings. Tickets were $8 in advance and $10 the day of the tour. In addition to the homes, two nurseries were included on the tour. Refreshments and gifts were provided and experts were available to give programs and gardening advice. Experts included: Dr. Sealy from the University of Arkansas; Brenda Embry, the Butterfly Lady; scholarship recipient, Bill Towle; and Benton County Master Gardeners.  Committee Chairmen: Beth Kastl, Sue Beaty and Nancy Bumgardner.

The Tour Included 8 Stops

1) Village Garden & Landscape Nursery

2) 7 Harrington Lane

3) 4 Branshire Drive

4) 53 Sunderland Drive

5) From the Ground up Nursery

6) 70 Mayfair Drive

7) 21 Kirkcudbright Drive

8) 290 Stoneykirk2011 

2009 Garden Walk

 The 2009 Garden Walk was held on June 13th. This highly anticipated event showcased five of Bella Vista's most beautiful gardens. Each home was unique and sparked ideas for visitors to incorporate in their own gardens. The addresses of these homes follows.  Maps were also available at each of the Garden Walk homes. 

The Tour Included 5 Stops

1) 10 Monikie Drive

2) 16 Kildonan Drive

3) 4 Helensburgh Lane (just off Kinloch on online map)

4) 22 Glenbar Place

5) 3 Westerham Lane

6) 8542 W McNelly Road ... From the Ground Up Nursery

The nursery had the following activities: Benton County Master Gardeners who answered all gardening questions, a presentation on "Gardening with Containers" and "Butterfly Gardens," raffle items and children's activities.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

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