Belize International Symposium on Education (BISE)

11th Annual Symposium

Topic of Discussion: "What does 'Futuristic Education' look like in 2020 and Beyond?"

Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th, January 2020

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(Abstract & Pre-Registration Deadline: 30th, November 2019)

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The 'Belizean International Symposium on Education' . . .

  • Serves as a platform for an International exchange of ideas, collaborations and cooperation among academics, educationalists, study abroad-university groups and other educational practitioners.
  • All abstract submissions will be reviewed by independent peers for academic content, pertinent information and technical merit. It is anticipated that a broad range of papers will be selected from areas of; 'Preschool Education', 'Higher Education' & 'Applied Research'.
  • Symposium Presentation Day & University Day events will consist of an array of topics categorized and organized to contain specific educational interests for the audience.
  • With English the official language spoken in Belize and during the International Symposium; prospective participants are encouraged to attend.
  • Submit Abstract to:
  • Deadline: 30th November 2019.


Submit to: Dr. Pamela R. Cook []

(150-200 wds - Deadline: 30th, November 2019)

MISSION: The 'Belizean International Symposium on Education' (BISE), main thrust is to exchange knowledge between academics, educationalists, study abroad-university groups and all educational personnel. Our participants also believe in and provide encouragement, resources and volunteering efforts to schools and organizations working with the children of Belize.

ACCOMMODATIONS & AIR TRAVEL: All Participants MUST arrange their own transportation to Belize, Central America

(See: 'Accommodations & Air Travel' Section)

REGISTRATION: On-line: Pre-Registration is now available (Use 'MORE' drop-down above)

On-site - Registration - Ramada International Hotels & Resorts, Belize City



'BISE' Policies & Procedures

#1. All Online & On-Site Registrations & extra fees: 'NON-REFUNDABLE'!!! (E.g. Health Issues, Travel or other such circumstances)!

#2. Approved Belizean Professors and International Presenters MUST have Professor Registration Fees, Paid in advance to Present at the 'Presentation Day' event. All accepted students MUST have Student Registration Fees, Paid in advance to Present at 'University Day' event.

#3. Guests & Participants: MUST be paid registrants to attend scheduled Symposium Events.

#4. The 'Belizean International Symposium on Education' is NOT Responsible for any accidents before, during or after the Symposium. For Medical Emergencies: See 'Healthcare Information Section'!

#5. All participants or guests attending the Symposium events must be an Adult or University age Student (Eighteen (18) years of age & older). The Symposium IS NOT responsible for children or minors to participant in any Symposium events!

#6. All attending Participants and guests visiting Belize, Central America, MUST be Responsible for their own personal; Travel Insurances, Passports, VISA and or other Foreign Travel Documents. ('BISE' or 'SASS' does not provide personal invitation Letters to attend Symposium or Study Abroad programming. This is the Participants or Guests own Responsibility)!

#7. All attending Participants and guests traveling to Belize, Central America, MUST arrange personal travel and accommodation arrangements (See . . . Accommodation & Air Travel section).

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TBA: To Be Announced!

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