Patient Experiences

I've had this! - Here's what to expect.

This page features patients' own stories of their first time experiences of some of the procedures and treatments Barrett's patients may receive, so others about to undergo any of them themselves will be better prepared.

If you can add your own experiences of any of the procedures listed, or others we haven't yet listed, please send them to us.

The Patient Experience (from a talk by BW chairman, Chris Robinson)


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Without sedation

JMac's story

Den's story

Elisa's story

Kara's story

With Sedation

Autumn's story

Anni's story

Bad experiences

Mary's story


Tony's story

24 hour pH manometry

Chris's story



Please click on the names below to read their stories

Sue's post fundo story

Kangoo's story

Chris's story

Philip's story

Aprille's story

Ben's story

"wps's" story

11 more stories from a (now closed) US website

Chris's account of his Collis-Nissen "refundo" revision may be found here.


Graham's Story


Derek Maule's Story (Thanks to Oncology & Therapy Journal)

Dave's story (on our Members' stories page)


Jeremy Conner's story