Barium Swallow

Barium Swallow

During a Barium Swallow test, the patient drinks a liquid containing barium whilst having a chest x-ray which shows up the effectiveness of their peristalsis.

These comments report patients' experiences of the procedure:

"I've had one. Its not bad at all. They may have you chew a few small marshmallows and small pieces of bagel. And take a sip of the barium which is a little chalky mint flavor. While standing then lying on a table to view your throat and esophagus. Only last a few minutes."

"The one's i have had done they stuck a tube to the back of my mouth that released barium and I had to swallow for about a minute straight. It worked to show my hernia."

"I’ve had a few. They give me a small cup of chalky substance to drink while they take xrays of me swallowing"

"I had one 2 years ago, was made to stand against an xray machine and drink a chalky drink. Hardest part was holding it in my mouth waiting to be told to swallow it. They then lent me back on the xray and made me roll over so it coated my stomach..... or so they said, could have been for a laugh it's not an enjoyable drink but I've had worse"