The present Barrett's Wessex committee, elected in 2018 and 2019 consists of:

Helen Richards-Hall (T) - serving until 2022

Barry Coles (T) (Treasurer) - serving until 2022

Barbara Pack (social secretary) (T) - serving until 2021

Laura Choules (Bognor co-ordinator) - serving until 2021

Dr Praful Patel (medical adviser) (T) - serving until 2021

Dr Phil Boger (medical adviser) (T) - serving until 2022

Those marked (T) are also trustees of the charity.

The branches will also have their own chairs and committee members.

Branch convenors:

Bath: John Higgs

Bournemouth: Graham Boorer,

New Forest: Mike Lee

Bognot: Laura Choules

The Committee meets formally every other month to receive reports on fund-raising and other activities, to review progress on agreed actions and to confirm actions and targets for the following period. Meetings are minuted and copies of minutes are available to members on request.

If you have skills or expertise you can offer or just enthusiasm and wish to join us, we have the power to co-opt further members to the committee. Nominations for new trustees are usually considered at the Annual General Meeting.

If you have any questions about the work of the Committee, please contact us at