The Forum is dead. Long live the Forum.

OLD Forum Site. NEW Facebook site.

For 14 years, the on-line Barrett's Forum has served as a virtual meeting place for those concerned with Barrett's oesophagus. Originally established and managed by Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign (now Barrett's Oesophagus UK), it has been managed by Barrett's Wessex since 2012 when we separated from our parent charity to concentrate on patient support whilst BOUK concentrates on research and maintaining the UK Barrett's Registry.

In recent years, it has become the target of spurious spam registrations. Despite the introduction of CAPTCHA verification, which worked for a while, these attackers have now appeared to bypass that hurdle. Although they are not able to post on the forum, they may inhibit legitimate new membership requests.

Whereas, the forum used to be a hive of activity at one stage, its use has also declined and fewer legitimate new members have joined recently. This may be due to the increase in the popularity of Facebook groups.

So we have reluctantly decided to no longer support the old Barrett's Forum whilst redirecting people to the Facebook group "Barrett's Esophagus Awareness" which we have helped manage and seen increase from nearly 2000 members to over 6000 in the last few years.

The old Forum site will still be available to search for a while, even accepting posts from existing members, and may be reached by using this link: Barrett's Forum.

The Facebook group may be reached by using this link: Barrett's Esophagus Awareness.