The Barrett's Wessex promotional video viewable on our About Us page, may be downloaded below.

You may download the pdf files at the bottom of this page :

Our About BW leaflet which simply says who Barrett's Wessex are and what we do, is presently being revised

Our Newly Diagnosed leaflets are available in various regional versions and also produced for our affiliated groups.

They were specifically requested originally by endoscopy nurses as something they could hand to newly diagnosed Barrett's patients in clinic.

The Wessex version is available to download below. Please contact if you would like copies of other versions.

The 2014 "What is Barrett's" leaflet is the Barrett's Wessex version of the leaflet produced by Barrett's Oesophagus UK but carrying Barrett's Wessex and BOUK contact details on page 4 and omitting pages 5 and 6.

The BOUK version, and it's companion download, "Treatments for Barrett's" may be downloaded from the BOUK website.

The 2017 AAH Patient information flyer warns of dangers of ignoring persistent heartburn. It is a handy tri-fold (DL size) double sided A4 format.

Also available for download is a highly informative 58 page booklet, BarrettsInfo.pdf, which formed the basis of a useful site that has had to close due to lack of funding. We make it available for download here with thanks to the Ryan Hill Research Foundation as a valuable work of reference. (NB. American spellings are used and this is a few years old now with more recent techniques, such as HALO missing.)

Down With Acid

Visit the website to find out more.

And we have a range of 8 single-sided, freely photocopiable, black and white "Burning Questions" fact sheets that may be downloaded from the FAQs page.

A patient's Guide to Achalasia

Produced by Alan Moss and the London Achalasia support group of the Oesophageal Patient Association.

The definitive guide for anyone with swallowing problems.