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February is Oesophagus Awareness Month.
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Barrett's Wessex is a regional patient support & education charity (reg. no. 1148727)

On average one person an hour dies of oesophageal cancer in UK.

There could be two and a half million people with the pre-cancerous condition, Barrett's Oesophagus, but only 100,000 have been identified and will be screened to minimise the risk of progression to cancer.

Please note. This site is run by non medically trained personnel. Although we take advice from medical colleagues nothing on this site should be taken as a replacement for seeing your own doctor.

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Down With Acid, the FREE book written in layman's language by a lay fellow sufferer (though fully researched and factually checked), is now available from its dedicated site reached by clicking on the Down With Acid tab above.

A new website Barrett's Oesophagus UK ( hopes to become a directory providing links to various sites and useful information specific to Barrett's patients.


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