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Web Extension

"Badíʿ Calendar"


This Web Extension shows today's date in the Badíʿ calendar, the official calendar of the Bahá'í Faith. The date shown is based on where your computer is, and on the sunset time in that area.

This is a personal initiative and project by Glen Little (glen.little@gmail.com). You can find more Badíʿ calendar tools on Facebook and on Google+

The extension works in these browsers:
  • Chrome Browser - Install for free from the Chrome Web Store and it works on Google Chrome browsers for Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. Installation takes only a few seconds. Click here to view the Badíʿ Calendar in the Web Store.
  • Firefox Browser - Install the Wondrous-Badíʿ Calendar add-on for free from the Mozilla Add-ons gallery. Works great in Firefox 57 and later. It supports almost all of the features that are in the Chrome version.

  • Edge Browser - I plan to make it available when Web Extensions are permitted in a future version.
The Extension works in a number of languages based on language your browser is using. See the Chrome Web Store entry to know which languages are available. If you would like to help translate it into another language, please see Translating the Badí' Calendar Extension.

You can also see a history of recent changes

Helper Extensions

Supporting extensions are available in Chrome to give the main Badíʿ Calendar extension additional capabilities!  Be sure to install the ones that you can use!
  1. Helper for Facebook. This shows Badíʿdates when viewing your Facebook pages at http://www.facebook.com/.
  2. Helper for Twitter. This shows Badíʿdates when viewing your Facebook pages at https://twitter.com/.
  3. Helper for Google Calendar. This shows Badíʿdates when viewing your Google Calendar at https://calendar.google.com/.
  4. Helper for Manifast. This shows Badíʿdates on the timesheet entry page in your Manifast account at http://www.manifast.com/.

Features Overview

  • Show today's date
    • The extension shows in your browser as a subtle icon next to other extensions and the Address Bar. In this example, the day is "`Ilm 17". Only the first few letters of the name of the month are shown.
    • When you move your mouse over top of the icon some more information is shown.

    • Resizing Icon area to show the icon

  • When the extension is opened (by clicking the icon or pressing the keyboard shortcut you assign to the extension)...
    • The main view is shown: 
    • You can also view other tabs by clicking the tabs on the right, pressing (1,2,3...), or the PgDn and PgUp keys.

    • Feasts and Holy Days

    • Badíʿ calendar months (see Annual Calendars)

    • Gregorian calendar  (see Annual Calendars)

    • Year at a glance  (see Annual Calendars)

    • Color-wheel

    • Fast times

    • Lists of days and months

    • Set up reminders to alert you at specific times, or before significant days. (See Reminders for details!)

    • Export Badíʿ date events to an external calendar, like Google Calendar, iCloud or Outlook. (See Exporting for details!)
    • Make your own custom date formats to use on the first page! This illustration shows 3 custom formats. 

Tips on Using the Extension

Most things can be done by using keyboard shortcuts:
 Shortcut  Description 
Ctrl+Shift+DOpen the extension. This can be modified at the bottom of the Chrome browser's "Manage Extensions" settings page.
Arrow Right & LeftChange to the next or previous day (on some tabs)
 /Change between before sunset and after sunset
Arrow Down & UpChange to the next or previous week or month (on calendar views)
Shift+Arrow right & leftChange to the next or previous Year 
Ctrl+Arrow right & left Change to the next or previous week (on some tabs)
PgDn & PgUpMove between the main tabs (Day, Year, Events, Fast, Lists) 
Numbers 1,2,3, etc.Move between the main tabs (Day, Year, Events, Fast, Lists) 
On the Day tab...
Letter A,B,C, etc.
When viewing the "Day" tab, press the letter for a formatted date. The associated formatted date is copied to the computer's clipboard. The extension will close, and you can switch to where you want to paste in the date. Use the computer's "paste" function to insert that date into the location you choose.
On the Events tab...Press the underlined letter in Feast or Holy Days to show/hide them.

Date Calculations

Please note that dates until 221 B.E. are derived from the document 'Bahá’í Dates 172 to 221 B.E.' prepared by the Bahá’í World Centre. 

Dates further in the future are adapted from http://www.bahaidate.today/table-of-dates. The formulas used to determine these dates may need to be updated closer to the time and as astronomical observations improve. So please don't use this extension to finalize your plans 100 years in the future!