1. A Muslim View of the Rushdie Affair: Talk delivered at Columbia University, March 1989 View Download

  2. Modern Miracles: Some miracles of our Prophet, which appeal to modern mind.

  3. The Big Bang: How evidence for the creation of the universe supports Islam against Science

  4. Dawa: An Invitation to Islam for those who have doubts about religion. .

  5. Science and Islam: Links to relevant material

  6. Islamic Economics: A brief introduction

  7. Imran Khan: How a brainwashed westernized came to appreciate his own culture and religion.

  8. Asad Zaman: My own brief autobiography with similar experience -- from western to islamic

  9. Islamic Contributions to Civilization: by Stanwood Cobb: Avalon Press, 1963

  10. Double Standards about Free Speech (also related to Rushdie Affair)


Memorial remarks about my late father: Mohammad Masihuzzaman

INSPIRATIONAL & MOTIVATIONAL: Message of Iqbal to Muslim Students (Video: 75 min)

Academic & published articles on Islamic Economics

The revolution created by the teachings of Islam has been well-described by Syed Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi in has famous book: “What the World Lost Due to the Decline and Fall of the Muslim Civilization” (links to English Translation)– this book, originally written in Arabic, has been translated into more than eighteen languages (Urdu Translation: Insani Dunya per Muslmanon Kay Urooj Aur Zawal ka Asar; A shorter, 30 page Urdu Summary). Unfortunately, one of the poisonous ideas we have swallowed is that today, the message of Islam is no longer relevant. Today we need to follow the West if want to progress. Actually, the challenge for us today is the same as it was 1400 years ago: If we can understand and implement the teachings of Islam, we can launch a revolution today, just as the early Muslims did 1400 years ago.

A 1hr 24m TALK/DISCUSSION with PIDE Students on the Poisons of a Western Education


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  1. Does God Exist? Although there are strong reasons to believe in God, convincing the heart requires different techniques. The Secrets of Happiness Happiness comes to those who seek to serve other, for the love of God, and ask nothing for themselves.

  2. Re-Enchanting the World. Generosity, acts of kindness, service to others, even at personal cost, contribute more to long-run happiness than selfish maximisation of short-run pleasure.

Spirituality and Sustainable Development - Short Post, plus link to 20 minute video talk, delivered at G20 Interfaith Summit in Istanbul, or 18th Nov 2015. .

Research Articles on Islamic Economics - Lists all published articles

Invitation to Islam - HOw Islam provides solutions to fundamental problems we face as human beings.