(M. S.) degree in Mathematics at  University of Torino,  1992 [with the prize from University of Torino for the best thesis in Mathematics].  Ph. D. in Mathematics: Thesis with  title  "Geometry and topology of homogeneous spaces",  with adviser Prof.  Simon  Salamon, 1997.

Academic Positions:
Researcher at University of Torino from August 1996 to September 2005.
Temporary position of visiting Associate Professor  at Imada, University of Southern,  Denmark, from 1 March 2002 to 30 June 2002.
Associate Professor from 1 October 2005  to 3 May 2015 at  University of Torino.
Italian National Scientific Habilitation as Full Professor,  24 December 2013.
Full Professor from 4 May  2015  at  University of Torino.

Research interests:
Main interests: Differential Geometry, Complex Geometry, Lie groups.
More specifically: Hermitian, contact, hyperhermitian and symplectic structures on Lie groups and their compact  quotients; coomological  properties of almost complex manifolds; special metrics on complex manifolds; deformations of  complex structures, G-structures and special holonomy,   geometry and topology  of orbits, generalized complex  geometry; geometric flows.

Visits and seminars:
FamaF, Cordoba (Argentina) 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2008; Seminar Arthur Besse,  Ecole Polytechnique, Paris 1999;  Esi, Vienna  1999 and 2004;  Nicosia (Cyprus), 2000, 2004, 2017 and 2018; Odense (Denmark) 2001, 2002 and 2004; CIRM (Luminy) 2002 and 2011;  L’Aquila (Italy) 2003; Humboldt University, Berlin (Germany) 2003 and 2005; Riverside, California (USA) 2004 and 2011; Campinas (Brasil) 2005; Bilbao (Spain)  2006, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2019; Parma (Italy) 2006; CIRM, Trento (Italy), 2009; Bochum (Germany) 2009;  Saragoza (Spain) 2009, 2011 and 2013; Politecnico di Torino (Italy) 2009; Koeln (Germany) 2010 and 2012; Oxford (England) 2010;  Lecce (Italy) 2010 and 2012; Banff (Canada) 2012; Bielefeld (Germany) 2012; Stuttgart (Germany) 2013; Universidad Complutense, Madrid 2013; Florida International University, Miami (USA) 2013; Aarhus (Denmark) 2013;  Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry, HSE, Moscow 2014; Greisfwald (Germany) 2015 and 2016; Hannover (Germany) 2015;Tsinghua University, Beijing (Cina) 2015; Oberwolfach (Germany), Research in Pair, 2016; Queen Mary University of London, 2016; Marburg (Germany) 2017; SISSA 2017; Regensburg (Germany) 2018; Milano 2018. 

Lectures  at workshops and conferences: 
Special Metrics and Gauge TheoryICMAT, Madrid, 10-14 December 2018.
Special Holonomy: Progress and Open Problems 2018Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook,  9-12 September 2018.
Glances@ManifoldsJagiellonian University, Kraków,  2-6 July 2018.
RIEMain in ContactCagliari, 18-22  June 2018.
Geometric Flows and Special Holonomy, Imperial College, 4-8 June 2018.
Alessandro Terracini (1889 - 1968), da Torino a Torino. A 50 anni dalla morte, Accademia delle Scienze di Torino, 19 April 2018.
ÖMG - DMV 2017 Meeting in Salzburg, Austria. Special session on Differential Geometry, 11-15 September 2017.
Workshop on G2 Manifolds and Related Topics,   The Fields Institute,   Toronto,  Canada,  21-25 August  2017.
Lie Group Actions in Riemannian Geometry,  Dartmouth College, USA,  26-30 June 2017.
Open Problems in G2 Geometry and Related Topics, Scuola Normale di Pisa, 1-5 May 2017.
V Workshop in Differential Geometry,  Cordoba, Argentina, 1-5 August 2016.
A Geometry Day in Como, Università dell'Insubria,  Como, 15 January 2016.
End of Year London Geometry Conference, King's College London, 14-18  December 2015.
Minisymposia  "Topology and geometry of Lie group actions",  DMV 2015, Hamburg,   21-25 September 2015. 
Winter school & Workshop in Complex Analysis and Geometry,  SNS Pisa, 23- 28 March 2015.
G2 manifolds,   Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook (US), 2-5 September 2014.
47th Seminar Sophus Lie, Rauischholzhausen (Germany),  29-31 May  2014.
Meeting on "Lorentzian and Conformal  Geometry", Greifswald (Germany),  18-21 March 2014.
Meeting FIRB "Diffferential Geometry and Geometric Theory of Functions", Firenze, 23-25 October  2013.
"Differential Geometry Workshop", Aarhus, 27 September 2013.
"Varietà reali e complesse: geometria, topologia e analisi armonica",  Scuola Normale, Pisa, 28 February 2013 - 3 March 2013.
"EGBI 2012, Brazil-Italy Geometry Meeting", Salvador (Brazil), 23 July - 3 August 2012.
"G2 days", King's College London and University College London, London, 11-12 June 2012.
"Third Minho  Meeting on Mathematical Physics", Braga, Portugal, 4 November 2011.
"EMS-RMSE Joint Mathematical  Weekend", Bilbao, Spain, 7-9 October 2011.
"Geometric structures on complex manifolds", Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry, Steklov Institute, Moscow, Russia, 3-7 October 2011.
"Geometric Structures in mathematical Physics", Golden Sands, Bulgaria, 19-26 September 2011.
"New Trends in Differential Geometry", L'Aquila, 7-9 September 2011.
"Geometria in Bicocca 2011", Milan, 12-13 May 2011.
"XIX International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics", Porto, Portugal, 6-9 September 2010.
"Differential Geometry and its Applications", Brno, Czech Republic, 26-31 August 2010.
Workshop on "Dirac operators and Special Geometries", Marburg, Germany,  24-27 September 2009.
"Workshop on CR and Sasakian Geometry", Luxembourg,  24-26 March 2009.
"Recenti Sviluppi in Geometria Complessa e Simplettica", Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio de Giorgi, Pisa, 22-24 January 2009.
"XVII International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics", Castro Urdiales (Bilbao), Spain, 3 September -6 September 2008.
"Holonomy Groups and Applications in String Theory", Hamburg, Germany, 14 July-18 July 2008.
"Workshop on Special Geometries in Mathematical Physics", Kuehlungsborn , Germany, 30 March-5 April 2008.
"Giornata di Geometria Differenziale", Firenze, 29 January 2008.
"Workshop on deformation theory in algebraic and differential geometry", Berlin, 13-18 December 2007.
"Giornate di lavoro di Geometria Complessa e Simplettica", Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio de Giorgi, Pisa, 19-20 January 2007.
"Giornata di Geometria Differenziale Pescarese", Pescara,  16 June 2006 .
"Special Geometries in Mathematical Physics", Kuehlungsborn , Germania, 12-18 March 2006.
"Recenti sviluppi della geometria complessa, differenziale, simplettica", Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio de Giorgi, Pisa, 9 - 11 March 2006.
"II Encuentro de Geometria Diferencial", La Falda, Sierras de Cordoba, Argentina, 6 -11 June 2005.
"Differential Geometry and Topology", Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio de Giorgi, Pisa, 6 September-12 November 2004.
"Short Program on Riemannian Geometry", Montreal, Canada, 5-15 July 2004.
"Black Sea Edge Workshop on Differential Geometry", Albena, Bulgaria, 7-13 July 2003.
"Encuentro de Geometria Diferencial", FaMAF-UNC, Cordoba, Argentina, 3-6 June 2003.
"EDGE Mid-Term Review meeting", Scuola Normale, Pisa,  23-26 January 2003.
"Proprietà geometriche delle varietà reali e complesse: nuovi contributi italiani", Palermo, 1 September - 7 September 2002.
"Yorkshire Differential Geometry Day", Hull, England,  31 March 2000.
"Proprietà geometriche delle varietà reali e complesse: nuovi contributi italiani", Palermo, 29 August - 4 September 1999.
"Nuovi contributi italiani alla geometria differenziale", Bari, 3-7 September 1997.

Short communications  at workshops and conferences:
"XVIII Congresso Unione Matematica Italiana", Bari, 24-29 September 2007.
"Recent advances in Differential Geometry, International Conference in honour of Prof. O. Kowalski", Lecce, 13-16 June 2007.
"XV International Workshop on Geometry and Physics",  Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife,  Spain,  11-16 September  2006.
"XVII Congresso Unione Matematica Italiana", Milano, 8-13 September 2003.
"Advanced Course on Global Riemannian Geometry: Curvature and Topology", Castellon de La Plana, Spain,  17-23 July 2001.
"International Congress on Differential Geometry in memory of Alfred Gray", Bilbao, Spain, 18-23 September 2000.

The journal editor of the  journal:
Complex manifolds (de Gruyter  Open) (2014-)

Member  of the Editorial  Board of the journals:
Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry (Springer) (2012-)
Axioms (2018-)
AIMS Mathematics (2016 -) 
The Open Mathematics Journal (Benthamscience, Open-Acces) (2009-2015)  
ISRN Geometry (International Scholarly Research Network, Hindawi, Open-Access) (2011-2014)
Geometrical Methods in Science and Technology (Aditi, Open-Access) (2011-2017)
Geometry (Hindawi, Open-Access) (2012-2016)

Guest Editor of the volume:   Special Issue "Applications of Differential Geometry", MDPI, Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 October 2018.

Editor of the volumes:
S.G.Chiossi, A. Fino, E. Musso, F. Podestà, L.Vezzoni (Eds), Special Metrics and Group Actions in Geometry, Springer INdAM Series 23, Springer-Verlag (2017).
S.G.Chiossi, A.Fino, I.Dotti (Eds), Workshop in Memory of Sergio Console, Rend. Sem. Mat. Torino 46/1-2 (2016) (special issue)
M.  Falcitelli, A. Fino, S. Marchiafava (Eds),  Proceedings of the International Conference Geometric Structures on Riemannian Manifolds,  Rend. Sem. Mat. Torino  73 No. 1-2 (2015) (special issue)

Member of the Organizing Committee of:
New perspectives on Holonomy and Submanifolds, Torino,  23-24 April 2004.
VI Workshop on Lie Theory and Geometry, Cordoba, Argentina, 13-17 November 2007.
Turin Differential Geometry Day, Torino, 17 July  2009. 
Geometric structures on manifolds and their applications, Castle Rauischholzhausen (Germany), 1-7 July 2012.
Giornata di Geometria Milano Torino,  Torino,  7 June 2013.
Oberwolfach Mini-Workshop  "Quaternion Kähler Structures in Riemannian and Algebraic Geometry",   Oberwolfach (Germany), 3-9 November 2013.
Carnival Differential Geometry School, Torino,  24-27 February 2014.
Workshop Complex Geometry and Lie Groups, Torino, 16-20 Giugno 2014.
Special Session “Symplectic geometry and special metrics” at the First Joint International Meeting RSME-SCM-SEMA-SIMAI-UNI, Bilbao, 30 June - 4 July 2014.
Workshop in memory of Sergio Console, Torino 23-26 February 2015.
New perspectives in Differential Geometry, INdAM Workshop,  16-20  November 2015, Roma.
The IV Workshop "Complex  Geometry and Lie Groups",  22-26  March 2016, Nara, Japan.
International conference on differential geometry, 11-15 April 2016, Fez, Marocco.
Special session "Geometric Structures, Lie Theory and Applications " at The first Joint Meeting Brazil - Italy in Mathematics,   29 August- 2 September 2016, IMPA, Brazil.
Differential Geometry Days, April 5-7, 2017, Torino.
Geometries with torsion, 21 September 2018, Torino.

Responsible of the projects:
"Assegno di ricerca" by title "Strutture speciali e geometria simplettica” assigned to Luigi Vezzoni from 01/02/07 to 30/03/08.
"Assegno di ricerca" by title "Strutture speciali  e geometria simplettica”  assigned to  Guorgui Mihaylov  from  01/03/09 to  31/12/09.
Project WWS “Riemannian geometry and Lie groups” assigned to Adrian Andrada (Cordoba, Argentina) from 25/03/08 to 30/08/08.
Project of University of  Torino (2006) "Special structures on manifolds".
Project of University of  Torino (2008) "Special structures, Lie groups  and submanifolds".
Project of University of  Torino (2012) "Special geometries, analysis on manifolds and homogeneous spaces".
Project (Fondi ex 60%) of University  of  Torino (2012)  "Special geometries, geometrical flows and homogeneous spaces".
Project of University of  Torino (2013)  "Complex Geometry and Homogeneous Spaces".
Project of University of  Torino (2014-15) "Geometric flows and geometric structures an homogeneous spaces"
Coordinator with Sergio Console of an exchange programme beetween the Dipartimento di Matematica of the University of Torino and FaMaF of Cordoba, Argentina from 1999 to 2013.
Coordinator of the  FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF project n. 332209 EDSRGff  “Exterior Differential Systems of Riemannian Geometry” (Marie Curie fellowship of Dr.  Rui Albuquerque, September 2013- September 2015).

Local Coordinator PRIN 2017 Real and Complex Manifolds: Topology, Geometry and holomorphic dynamics (1/03/2019-28/2/2022)

Other administration:
2018- Member of the Scientific Committee of UMI.
2018- External Advisory Commiteee Member of  Center of Mathematics (CMAT), University of Minho, Portugal.
2017- Associate of  "Committee Developing Countries (EMS)".
2017- Member of the Scientific Committee of  Scuola degli Studi Superiore Ferdinando Rossi dell'Università di Torino.
2017- Member of the International Advisor Panel of the Arnold Regge Center.
2015-2018 Deputy Director for research of Department of Mathematics at the University of Torino.
2013-  Member of the Scientific Committee of GNSAGA  (Italian National Group for Algebra and Geometry)  of  INdAM.
Responsible of the Section  "Topology and Differential Geometry" at XIX Congresso dell'UMI, Bologna, 12-17 September 2011.
2009- 2016 Member  of "Committee Developing Countries (EMS)".
2000-2006, 2010- 2018 Member of Executive Committee of Department of Mathematics at the University of Torino.
2008- Member of Ph.D. Committee at the University of Torino.
2008- 2012  Member of International Committee  for the Degree in Mathematics at the University of Torino.
2008- 2015 Member of  Thesis Committee for the Degree in Mathematics at the University of Torino.

Member of the projects:
Project MIUR (1998 e 2000) "Submanifolds and special structures of real and complex manifolds", Unit of University  of Aquila, (Coordinator  Vincenzo Ancona)
Project PRIN (2002)"Special structures on manifolds and submanifolds. Groups actions and associated classifications", Unit of University  of Aquila, (Coordinator  Vincenzo Ancona)
European Project (2000-2004) "European Differential Geometry Endeavour" (EDGE) , Node of Roma, (Responsible of the Node Massimiliano Pontecorvo;  Coordinator  Henrik Pedersen).
Project PRIN (2005) "Special Geometries and  submanifolds",  Unit of  Politecnico di Torino, (Coordinator  Simon Salamon)
Project PRIN (2007)"Kaehler manifolds, Holonomy groups and Submanifolds. Their interactions", Unit of  Politecnico di Torino, (Coordinator  Simon Salamon)
Project Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Spain)  (2009-2011, 2012-2013) "Special structures in Geometry, Topology and Physics", Unit of University of  Zaragoza, (coordinator  Luis Ugarte)
Project Vigoni (2010) "Moment map  and Submanifold geometry" (Coordinators Sergio Console and  Gudlaugur Thorbergsson (Koeln))
Project PRIN (2010-2011) "Real and complex manifolds: geometry, topology and and harmonic analysis", Unit of  Politecnico di Torino (Responsible of the Unit Emilio Musso, Coordinator   Fulvio Ricci)
Project Futuro in Ricerca (2012) "Differential Geometry and Geometric Theory of Functions", Unit  of Università di Torino (Responsible of the Unit  L. Vezzoni, Coordinator  Caterina Stoppato)

PhD students
Nicola Enrietti  (2012, Torino,  PhD  Thesis "SKT metrics and their relations with symplectic structures")
Victor Manero  (2015, Bilbao,  PhD Thesis "Closed G-2 forms and special metrics", supervised jointly with Marisa Fernandez)
Alberto Raffero (2016, Torino, PhD Thesis "Non-integrable Special Geometric Structures in dimension six and seven")
Leonardo Bagaglini (2018, Firenze, PhD Thesis "Nilmanifolds, submanifolds and flows related to classes of G2-structures")
Francesca Salvatore (first year PhD student, Torino)

Member of the evaluation committee
- for the PhD thesis of
Richard Cleyton,"G-structures and Einstein metrics", Imada, Odense University  (Denmark),  July 2001.
Nils Schoemann,   "Almost hermitian structures with parallel torsion", Institut fur Mathematik, Humboldt  Universitat, Berlin (Germany), November 2006.
Massimo Vaccaro,  "Kaehler and para-Kaehler submanifolds of a Para-Quaternionic Kaehler  manifold",  Università Tor Vergata, Roma, June 2007.
Raquel Villacampa, "Special metrics on complex manifolds", University of  Saragoza (Spain), December 2009.
Theofanis Matsoukas, "Hypersymplectic quotients", University of Oxford (England), March 2010.
Thomas Madsen, "Torsion geometry and scalar functions", Imada, Odense University  (Denmark),  September 2011.
Josè Antonio Santisteban, "Quaternionic contact structures and special metrics", University of Bilbao (Spain), January 2014.
Maura Macrì, "Solvable Lie algebras and Solvmanifolds", Università di Torino, February 2014. 
Stefania D’Alessandro, "Polynomial algebras and smooth functions in Banach spaces", Università di Milano, December 2014.
Marco Marchi, "Rumin's complex and intrinsic graphs  in Carnot groups", Università di Milano, December 2014.
Simona Scoleri, "Spacelike hypersurfaces in Generalized Robertson-Walker spacetimes", Università di Milano, December 2014.
Antonella Perrone, "Geometry of paracontact metric manifolds", Università del Salento,  June 2015.
Adela Latorre, "Geometry of  Nilmanifolds  with invariant complex structure" University of Zaragoza (Spain), July 2016.
Tat dat To, "Flots de Monge-Ampere complexes sur les varietes hermitiennes compactes", University of Toulouse (France), June 2018.
-for the Habilitation thesis:
Gianluca Bande, "Couples of forms of constant class, Université de Haute Alsace (France), November 2014.