Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetries

General information

This is a virtual research seminar on the topic of Lie group actions in Riemannian geometry. Everybody is welcome to participate for free. The seminar meets once per fortnight, on Wednesdays, with the time rotating to accommodate the wide variety of time zones. 

The seminar uses the platform Zoom. To obtain the link, please subscribe to the mailing list. (For security, we are not posting the link here. However, once you obtain the link, you are welcome to share it with your colleagues.)

Follow this link to find the scheduled talks in

Recordings: Talks will be recorded and made available if the speakers consent. 
You can find the videos of previous talks in the seminar's YouTube channel.

Mailing list

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Scheduled talks

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Past talks

Schedule in UTC time. Click on the talk's title to find additional resources (e.g. abstract, slides, arXiv link, video). You can also find the recordings of previous talks on the seminar's YouTube Channel. Click here if you can't see the list of past talks below. 

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