The theory that UFO/USOs are built by members of the Atlantean civilization is the most scientific.  Human beings from Atlantis have survived and thrived for over 12,000 years.

“Many things strange there are in the world / but none more strange than human beings." - Sophocles, Antigone

Occam's razor - when formulating hypotheses, explanatory entities must not be multiplied unnecessarily. The simplest hypothesis is the most likely one. We know intelligent life evolved on earth. Why look elsewhere?

The Phoenix Lights craft seen by over 10,000 people, the DOD videos released in 2017, as well as other well vetted evidence, indicate the presence of planetmates, those who have been watching and abducting surface humans for thousands of years.  Our lack of knowledge of them may be part of their survival plan.

We surface humans live on a planet that belongs to Atlanteans, a form of human being far more intelligent and capable than us. Accepting this will require accepting a scientific paradigm shift as great as human beings have ever experienced. We survived past cognitive revolutions. We will again.

The Age of Aquarius is now beginning. Western civilization is ending. The Great Noontide is beginning a new age. The caterpillar of the patriarchal unconscious must die for the butterfly of the matriarchal unconscious to live.

"It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine“ - R.E.M.

"Don't Panic!"

"Be Prepared"

"Do a good turn daily."

"Be not afraid."

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