Alien Nuclear Interventions

"In March 1967 Robert Salas was stationed at Malmstrom AFB in Montana as a missile launch officer for the minuteman 1 ICBM. Sallas and his commanding officer Frederick Mywald at the Oscar Launch Control Center had operational control over 10 minuteman nuclear missiles." (from

Click HERE to view COL Salas' video at the National Press Club.

Click HERE to view COL Salas on Larry King Live

Click HERE to view a short video which reviews UFO intervention into American nuclear weapons.

Click HERE for "UFOs and Nukes - The Movie - Presidential Briefing"  "This film is considered one of the most vitally important documentaries in the world today."

Click HERE for "UFO expert calls for probe as declassified Russian files list horror 'alien' encounters"

Click HERE for "ufos and the military elite", a video covering military interventions. 

Click HERE for "UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites". "Robert Hastings [] simply refers to himself as a UFO researcher, author and lecturer. Since 1973, he has interviewed former and retired U.S. military personnel—over 140 to date—regarding their knowledge of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites." [The Moore Show. Published on Aug 2, 2013]

Click HERE to view _UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed_.  "The content of this documentary has massive implications for our entire planet. Deemed too controversial for TV, it is unlike many of the UFO “documentaries" this film rigorously examines the officially-still-hidden history of UFO activity at nuclear weapons laboratories, test areas, storage depots and missile sites—using authenticated files and the testimony of vetted military eyewitnesses. Aliens possessing tremendously advanced technology have monitored and even tampered with American and Russian nuclear weapons for decades. These stunning, nearly unbelievable developments must not be kept secret by a handful of government and military officials. We all have a right to know the facts. Hundreds of U.S. military veterans now openly discuss these ominous incidents and thousands of declassified government documents affirm their assertions. Thanks to Robert Hastings for this new documentary exclusive to UAMN TV. . Subscribe to UAMN TV for more new releases in 2017”

Click HERE for "In Search Of UFO Cover-Ups" "In Search Of UFO Cover-Ups Sep. 20, 1980." Leonard Nimoy.

Click HERE for "UFOs and The Military Elite | The Best UFO Documentary Ever Recorded". ""UFOs and The Military Elite" by award-winning director Massimo Mazzucco is a serious documentary which reviews all the most important cases in history in which UFOs and "probably" aliens have been involved with the military, whether as witnesses or as part of a cover-up, both in the US and abroad. Even more shocking is the discovery that the United States and the Soviet Union followed in almost parallel path in dealing with UFOs, to the point of striking secret agreements, between the two countries, meant to avoid confusing UFOs with terrestrial enemy craft, in order to minimalize the risk of a nuclear conflict. While we have all been lead to think that the ‘Star Wars’ project was meant to protect the US from a foreign missile attack, the time has come to think again." Top Class Documentaries. Published on Apr 18, 2017.


Major-General Vasily Alexeyev has claimed that the Soviets were able to summon UFOs with military activity. Click HERE for discussion of Soviet nuclear and military activity that attracted UFO/USOs,

Click HERE for video "RUSSIA MAKE UFO DISCLOSURE OFFICIAL! THEY ARE REAL 2016". Russian UFO video with English subtitles.

Sightings of UFOs by astronauts indicate the Atlanteans travel through the solar system. Click HERE for a video discussing UFO monitoring of NASA missions. Click HERE to see astronaut Gordon Cooper talk about his own two separate experiences seeing UFOs. He talks about seeing a formation of flying saucers while a pilot and also a landed UFO he filmed while filming American test aircraft landing at Edwards Air Force Base. 

NASA and the Space Program have a long history of UFO sightings. Click HERE for a documentary that includes many NASA videos that capture UFOs on missions.

Click HERE for "SECRET SPACE: What Is NASA Hiding? - UFOs Are Real - FEATURE".  "Featuring extraordinary NASA digital video footage of authentic space-based UFOs and strange anomalies filmed during US Space Shuttle missions. See stunning evidence of UFOs in outer space, as well as unexplained anomalies "


Image result for chernobyl ufoClick HERE to see a video "Aliens Saved Earth from Nuclear Meltdown?". Atlanteans may have helped avert a disaster that would have made Europe unlivable for 500,000 years.
They protect their planet from surface human stupidity.

Our Atlantean planetmates may one day tire of we mere surface humans destroying this planet's ecosystem.


Image result for ike military speech"Eisenhower threatened to invade Area 51: Former US Congress members hear testimony." [Click HERE]

Click HERE for "The Occult Extraterrestrial War - America's Secret Space Fleet". America"s Secret Space Fleet - is it protection against alien invasion or a creation itself of malevolent aliens? Since 2015 NAVY engineer William Tompkins has made astounding claims that he personally participated in designing kilometers-long battle cruisers for the clandestine "Military Industrial Complex."

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