Conversation with an Atlantean

Related image"If you are survivors of the destruction of Atlantis and you have survived to this day, why do you remain hidden?" Surface Human
"'Hidden' is what you call it. We do what we do without regard for the thoughts of surface humans. What you know or do not know is not important to us. Only to you." - Atlantean
"Why have we seen you at all?" - Surface Human
"Recently, you have taken to the sky. We have been in the sky all along. You have begun to explode fission and fusion weapons you only think you understand. If you continue to explode such weapons, fight global wars, consume the planet with overpopulation, then we will stop your destruction of the resources only this planet provides. We will not let you destroy our planet. Recently we had to prevent one of your crude nuclear power generation devices from melting down and irradiating the large portion of the earth's surface you call "Europe" [Click HERE].
Many of us feel it is time once again to rid the earth of your overpopulation. We are observing you surface humans more closely now. We may decide to take your population level down. We do need some surface humans for our survival. You provide us with critical biological material. But, there are now too many surface humans. 144,000 of you will do well for a restart of the surface human population needed for our purposes." - Atlantean
"What are those creatures we see flying the saucer shaped craft?" -Surface Human
"Our creations. We engineer living machines to carry out tasks for us above and below the surface of the earth and throughout the solar system. We engineered little grey creatures and other forms." - Atlantean
"You mean you live places other than earth? Other forms? I have so many questions" - Surface Human
"Yes. We have built craft that house over 100,000 thousand of us. You have seen these. The city you call "Phoenix" was passed over by one of our craft. It traveled from the moon to the earth in the year we taught you surface humans to refer to as "1997"."
We live in cities whose entrances are hidden from you. These are entered from the ocean trenches you call "Catalina", "Puerto Rico", and "Marianas". We also have cities under the continent at the southern pole and in the moon."  - Atlantean
"Why did you appear above Phoenix? Thousands saw you. They were scared." - Surface Human
"We who study surface human activity must decide when to eliminate extra surface humans. We warned you of this possibility thousands of years ago. Some among us want to civilize you. We have tried. We taught you alphabetic writing to teach you civilization. We gave you wisdom through contacts through the years. Books contain warnings. You need to heed." - Atlantean
"What do you mean?" - Surface Human
"We revealed to a man you call "John" what could happen to surface humans." - Atlantean
"I do not understand." - Surface Human
"You call it "Revelation to John". - Atlantean