UFOs are USOs

UFOs and USOs [Unidentified Submerged Objects] are identical vehicles. These craft travel through air, water, ice, and out of the atmosphere with ease. We name them differently depending upon where we see them. They have been seen in every ocean. In the Arctic Ocean, a cigar shaped UFO was photographed from the submarine USS Trepang [left]. Click HERE for a related video "Arctic UFO Photographs, USS Trepang, SSN 674, March 1971".

The Southern Ocean is also an active UFO/USO area. There may be an Atlantean base from which fleets of craft appear. Click HERE for a video about possible current threats from Antarctica: "Wikileaks = USA At War With UFO's In Antarctica?"

Click HERE for video "UFO expert calls for probe as declassified Russian files list horror 'alien' encounters" which discusses alien UFO encounters.

Click HERE for "TRUTH IS DOWN THERE" "US Navy is running top secret programm to detect alien spacecraft under the ocean, UFO expert claims. Leading astronomer and ufologist Marc D’Antonio says that he witnessed a USO – unidentified submerged object – while aboard a navy submarine in the North Atlantic."

Click HERE for "Marc D'Antonio, Astronomer, UFO Video/Image Analyst, 01-11-2017"  "UFO Updates with Alejandro Rojas and guest Marc D’Antonio discusses videos and photos he has analyzed over the years, his USO encounter, planets, possible moon occupation, Mars, astronomy and more." Martin Willis Live Shows Published on Jan 12, 2017.

Click HERE for "US Coast Guard Discloses Unexplained Disappearances of Submarines After UFO Activity." "There are many strange facts surrounding a number of missing submarines. Joseph was on duty on an Ocean Station patrol on the Coast Guard Cutter Mellon. It was during this patrol that they had a number of unique UFO sightings that included radar and visual verification by a number of witnesses."  UAMN TV Published on Dec 2, 2018.

Click HERE for "5 Strangest UNDERWATER UFO Encounters | Unidentified Submerged Objects". "With 70% of the Earth’s surface made up of oceans and lakes, would’nt it be an obvious place for aliens to set up bases…….. and we would never be aware of them. With their apparent advanced technology they could build numerous amazing underwater structures all over the globe. The following cases expose this possibility."  Weird World Published on May 13, 2017.


The Shag Harbor USO Incident of 1967 is well documented. It was witnessed by scores of civilians and hunted by military submarines and surface ships. Witnesses saw something crash into the harbor.

Submarines can only go to 7,000 feet below the surface. The Shag Harbor UFO/USO was tracked on sonar traveling at high speed at 20,000 feet. The UFO/USO that crashed into the water was joined by a second UFO/USO, tracked for two weeks, then neither craft could be located. 

Click HERE for a documentary regarding this incident.


Click HERE for a documentary on USOs:  'Unidentified Submerged Objects' Phenomena Documentary"

Click HERE for a video entitled "5 Most Mysterious & Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs)" This includes video taken of a UFO/USO near Puerto Rico by US Homeland Security. 

Click HERE for "Underwater UFO Facility at Walker Lake, NV - UFO Seekers © S1E10" that suggests tunnels connect the Pacific UFO/USO bases in the Pacific and Nevada. 

Click HERE for "UFO Hunters 1x02 Unidentified Submerged Objects"

Click HERE for a video covering a 2000 military USO sighting. Also covered is a Santa Catalina Channel sighting.

Click HERE for a video covering 8/24/14 UFO/USOs over Ca Avalon, filmed from Catalina Island.

Click HERE for "Unsealed Alien Files S2E3 Unidentified Submerged Objects" which covers a 2010 mass sightings near Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.

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Click HERE for "The Worlds Most Active USO UFO Hotspot UFO Documentary National Geographic

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Click HERE for "UFOS The Lost Evidence". This documentary covers recent USO sightings in Swedish waters.


Click HERE for http://waterufo.net/

Lord Rankeillour, Member of the House of Lords:

Many men have seen them [UFOs] and have not been mistaken. Who are we to doubt their word? …
Only a few weeks ago a Palermo policeman photographed one, and four Italian Navy officers saw a 300-foot long fiery craft rising from the sea and disappearing into the sky...

Why should these men of law enforcement and defense lie?

[House of Lords, Debate on Unidentified Flying Objects, Hansard (Lords), Vol. 397, No. 23, January 18, 1979.]


Image result for uso homeland security unidentified submerged ufo history channel puerto ricoClick HERE for a video including the 2013 Aguadilla Puerto Rico UFO/USO pictured.

The Puerto Rico Trench (Devil's Triangle), the Marianas Trench (Dragon's Triangle), and the Santa Catalina Trench are evidently the locations of Atlantean cities under the ground under the ocean. These trenches are some of the deepest parts of the world's oceans. These trenches are also frequently the sites of UFO/USOs.

Click HERE for "Puerto Rico's Underwater UFO Activity" (DOCUMENTARY).
What secrets lurk in ocean depths? Are there alien forms of intelligent life that occupy the vast volumes of water that constitute our oceans, seas, and lakes?


Related imageClick HERE for "The Worlds Most Active USO UFO Hotspot UFO Documentary National Geographic" about the Santa Catalina Channel.

Click HERE for "Underwater UFO's & USO's - Ivan Sanderson"

Click HERE for documentary on UFO/USOs: "[UFOs File] UFOs under the Sea Sightings USOs - The History Channel NEW Full Documentary". This documentary speaks to Atlantis hypothesis and the Catalina trench.The image at left is a recreation of the fleet of UFO/USOs seen emerging from the Catalina Channel. In February, 1989, a large USO was seen emerging from the Catalina Channel and dozens of small vehicles emerging from it. 

Click HERE for "Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle (1977)" "Rare documentary featuring Peter Tompkins. Various ideas and theories are discussed, as well as famous cases re-enacted."

"Invisible Residents: The Reality of Underwater UFOs" by Ivan T. Sanderson is a book published in 1970.  "This book is a groundbreaking contribution to the study of the UFO enigma, originally published over 30 years ago. In this book, Sanderson, a renowned zoologist with a keen interest in the paranormal, puts forward the curious theory that "Other Intelligences-live under the Earth's oceans." (https://www.amazon.com/Invisible-Residents-Reality-Underwater-UFOs/dp/1931882207#reader_1931882207) Sanderson argues that "This underwater, parallel, civilization may be twice as old as Homo sapiens, he proposes, and may have developed what we call space flight."(amazon)

Contrary to Sanderson, Atlanteans are not a separate species. They are us. At least they were us. They may have split off. They may be manipulating their own evolution.

The little grey men are one form of creature created by Atlanteans. There are evidently more. Tall greys and other creatures seen by other abductees are described as being quite different from little grey abductors.

bermuda triangle
The Puerto Rico trench has long been suspected as a possible UFO/USO base. Click HERE for the video "Overlords of the UFO". Sightings of UFO/USOs have been happening in this area since Christopher Columbus's.

This image at left is from "Could There Be An Alien Base Inside The Bermuda Triangle?"  By Nadia Vella. Click HERE for website.

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